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2 years ago

Goddess Blog

5 Ways to Incorporate Plants into Your Practice

Herbs, flowers, and plants are available all around us. Learn more about how you can incorporate these natural and energetic resources into your spiritual practice.

2 years ago

5 Ways to Incorporate Plants into Your Practice

2 years ago

We are surrounded by a plethora of natural (and magical) resources that are all around us. Whether you have a garden of your own, safely harvest wild herbs, or are an avid tea drinker, there are many ways that you can incorporate plants into your daily spiritual practice and connect with these allies.

Use Herbs Daily

Using herbs daily can look very different from person to person, but here are just a few ways that you can sprinkle them in:

  • Tea! Herbal tea is a great way to use herbs while also increasing your water intake throughout the day and supporting your well-being. You can purchase a pre-made blend that can target a multitude of different things (sleep, stress relief, supporting immune health, etc.), or you can dive a little deeper and learn how to make your own blends. There will be some herbs that you enjoy and some you don’t, so this allows you to create a tea that you will always look forward to coming back to.
  • Creating an incense blend with herbs and resin is a great way to explore the magical properties of plants while also cleansing and clearing your space. Resins like myrrh or frankincense can be used and paired with plants like rose, lavender, dried orange peel, and pine.
  • Dried flowers and herbs are also great to use to burn and cleanse your space. You can find a burning bundle that you like that is already made for you, or you can grow herbs of your own, dry them, and bundle them together for a creation all your own. To dry your herbs for this, you’ll need first to cut them when they are ready. Then, find a place inside where you can hang them upside down and allow them to dry completely.

Bring Nature Inside

Adding natural elements to your home or altar space is a great way to connect with the Earth and the seasons. As Spring is right around the corner, this could look like decorating your altar with bulbs as they start to root in water, images of flower fields, and flowers. For Summer, you could add more flowers and something to represent the sun. Fall could look like acorns, dried leaves, and dried grasses or wheat. A Winter altar could have pine branches and pine cones. Feel free to add these elements around your home as well, keeping a vase of flowers by your front door or a wreath to match the season.

Create Flower Essences

Flower essences are a way to harness the magical and energetic properties of plants and herbs rather than using them for their physical properties (like when you drink a cup of tea). Instead of infusing a mixture with the plants of your choice, you are channeling the energy of the plant into the water. When you create an essence of any kind, you place the plants or crystals on top of your closed water vessel rather than putting them inside with the water. You can learn more about how to create your own flower essence here.

Embrace Your Green Thumb

Putting your green thumb to work is another way to connect to plant allies and ground yourself. If you haven’t had the best luck with plants in the past, try working with a succulent or a plant that doesn’t need as much attention as others do. Succulents don’t need to be watered frequently, and there are several kinds of additional indoor plants that don’t need direct sunlight. Once you start to spend more time with your plants, you will begin to recognize their patterns and when they start to need something. Bamboo or Pothos plants, for example, will droop their leaves when they need water and will often fold those leaves in a little. Signs such as dropping branches or yellowing leaves are also indicators that the plant may need something, whether that be water, additional sunlight, or a soil update.

Explore Botanical Oracle Decks

If you don’t like to get your hands dirty, botanical oracle decks are a great way to explore and appreciate plants without needing to work directly with them. Each creator will have their own variety of herbs and flowers that they choose to incorporate into their deck, as well as their own interpretation, so do some research beforehand to find the deck that resonates with you the most. Once you have found your deck, you can pull cards daily to learn more about these allies and anticipate the day ahead or help you with any questions you may have.


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