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Embrace Your Sacred Cycles
The Sacred Cycles Deck & Journal

More than ever, we are disconnecting from our body…

We focus solely on our jobs, our responsibilities, and our commitments, forgetting what truly matters and where we have come from.


RECONNECT to your body, your ancestors, and the sacred methods of healing and tuning into your spiritual journey.

HEAL your mind, body, and soul, and remind yourself of the magic that lies within.

EMBRACE YOUR SACRED CYCLES and fall into harmony with your body’s natural rhythm.

About the Deck

• 50 cards relating to specific cyclical themes

An 80+ page guidebook

Luxe feel and matte finish on deck and cards

Published by Hay House

About the Journal

• 128 pages

• Undated cycle tracking pages

• Luxe feel and matte finish

• Published by Hay House

Why Cycle Tracking?

Cycle tracking is the practice of recognizing and recording your body’s patterns connected to several cycles that we experience throughout our lives. This is a practice that anyone can do, regardless of having a monthly bleed. Connect to the seasons, the phases of the Moon, or your body’s natural rhythms to uncover how you relate and connect to the world around you. Through cycle tracking, you can begin to understand how your body works and welcome balance into your life.

Meet the Authors

Jill Pyle, Co-founder of Goddess Provisions

Jill is Co-founder of Goddess Provisions, a community that provides resources and tools for people looking to connect with their divine feminine nature, deepen their spiritual practice and journey within. Through cosmic downloads, she is guided to create offerings that help raise the vibration of the planet and push the consciousness evolution movement forward. Jill is also the author of The Sacred Self-Care Oracle Deck

Cidney Bachart, Copywriter

Cidney is the Copywriter at Goddess Provisions. She is a creator, wordsmith, and advocate for access to holistic care. Through the written word, she hopes to inspire others to learn more about their bodies and the magic that everyone can produce. She is passionate about helping others find their zest for life while also developing a healthy and healing relationship with their inner cycles. Cidney is also a certified yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner.

Em Dewey, Creator of Garden of the Moon

Em is the creator of Garden of the Moon, where she offers menstrual cycle support and education. She creates herbal “Cycle Support Kits'' and digital resources for folks craving a more positive relationship with their periods. Em is passionate about working with the lunar calendar, cycle tracking and teaching people how to use their body as a compass so they can reconnect with their innate wisdom. Em is a certified herbalist and holistic health coach.

Jessie White, Illustrator

Jessie, also known as Jayanti, is an artist based in Canada who creates unique illustrations that act as a prayer, planting seeds and spells to bring healing to our planet. Her work, which is displayed at
@seedsofspells on Instagram, is incredibly diverse and inclusive, portraying women in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to show the broad spectrum of the feminine vessel.

---------------------Leftover Assets----------------------

Embrace Your Inner Cycles

This journal was created for all cyclical beings, regardless of having a monthly bleed. We hope it inspires you to connect with nature and your Sacred Cycles, bringing you guidance along the way.

Connect with your inner cycles and the natural world around you with this interactive journal designed to teach you about your Sacred Cycles and how to track them.

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We are experiencing collective growth, and it is here that we are being called to remember our ancestors, our roots, and our traditions. Through each Moon phase, season, and internal shift, there are lessons to be learned. This deck was channeled and created to help the user tap into the traditional wisdom accompanying these cyclical changes. It is important to remember that we all experience these changes on some level, and it’s through these experiences that we can learn and grow together.

Allow this deck to take you on a journey inside your mind, body, and soul. Connect with nature and its patterns, and soon you will notice changes that arise within you. It is here that we begin to return to our Source. Pick a card a day to become inspired and devote time to learning each card, or pull a spread for insights on what you are experiencing in the present moment. Place specific cards on your altar space during each phase of the Moon or menstrual cycle to honor the shifts that are taking place. Use this deck in a way that serves you the best and embrace all of your sacred cycles.

Explore the Cards

Hormonal Cycle

Learn about the energetics accompanying a menstrual cycle and consider your natural cycles, regardless of having a monthly bleed.

Nature's Cycles

Receive guidance from the four seasons and the celestial bodies, and reflect on how you can apply that knowledge throughout the whole year.

Plants & Animals

Turn to plant and animal allies to understand their resiliency through nature’s cycles and how you can apply it to your life.  


Cycles of Life

Consult the teachings of each of the cycles of life that we experience and think about the inner wisdom you’ve acquired.

A curated collection to help you access the magic of the cycles you experience throughout your life.

Connect with

Join the community working with this magical deck to awaken and learn about their inner cycles.