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2 years ago

Goddess Blog

Trusting Your Intuition with Plant Alchemy and Divination

Explore three ways your plant allies can assist you with trusting your intuition through alchemy and divination.

2 years ago

Trusting Your Intuition with Plant Alchemy and Divination

2 years ago

So you want to connect with your intu-witch-ion and learn how to trust the wisdom nature shares with you? Connecting with your plant allies through alchemy and divination can provide you with the sacred space and support to move forward with this part of your spiritual journey!

The spirit, or the essence, of a plant holds divine secrets and wisdom that has the power to assist you with trusting your intuition and creating positive shifts along your spiritual journey. Alchemy and divination are two similar processes that involve seeking the wisdom and knowledge of plant spirits to enhance spiritual transformation and expansion. Truly, the difference between alchemy and divination is the intention behind the practice. In many ways, alchemy is the foundation for plant divination.

Plant alchemy involves receiving the wisdom and knowledge of plants through their current physical form or by transmuting their form into something else. The intention of this type of alchemy is to allow the information to flow and be received naturally. With alchemy, we can practice trust as we allow information to flow in the way that the plant spirits want us to receive it. 

Allowing this wisdom to flow and be received naturally provides us with an opportunity to also practice expansive thinking while we don’t limit the wisdom to one perspective. Instead, we allow multiple realities to exist at the same time. Through this practice of alchemy, we can let our intuition take the lead and identify the pieces of wisdom that are resonating in a way that provokes change and expansion within ourselves.

Divination is the act of intentionally seeking answers or insight into specific matters. Divination is commonly achieved using tools such as pendulums, tarot cards, crystal balls, charm casting, crystals, and tea leaves. With plant divination, we can use alchemy and elemental magic to work with plant knowledge and retrieve the answers we seek. This can look like observing a plant’s physical form, studying smoke patterns and reading tea leaves.

Both alchemy and divination provide us with the opportunity to learn how to trust our intuition. As we are interpreting and downloading the wisdom being offered to us, our intuition acts as a compass to identify the information that resonates most deeply. For example, your intuitive compass can show up as feelings or sensations within the body, a sense of recognition or an overwhelming feeling of being grounded and authentic.

“… ask the [plant] spirit to teach you. The teachings of plants come in many forms. The spirit may give you a classroom-style lecture. If so, listen intently so you can remember every detail. More often the transmission comes in nonverbal form. You may find yourself being swept into an exotic adventure. You may simply find that you experience intense emotions. In every case, the key is to remain attentive. Once you ask your question, whatever happens is part of the answer.” - Eliot Cowan

3 Ways to Practice Plant Alchemy and Divination 

1. Observe the physical form of a plant.

Observe a plant's physical form and allow its wisdom to flow through you. Use your intuitive compass to download the information that you feel resonates deeply within that moment.

You could work with a plant while it's still rooted in the earth or use dried flowers and herbs. You could even use a pressed flower! There are no limits to the physical form you decide to work with, as long as it is done with respect for the plant.

Looking deep within the plant, observe its essence, lines, roots, and character. Feel the plant's spirit in your hands and if you're seeking answers, ask one question at a time. You could even pair your questions with the specific parts of the plant. For example, you could focus on a stem for a question relating to growth or the plant's scent and petals for romantic inquiries. 

2. Interpret smoke from dried plants

Choose plants, like flowers and herbs, to burn and watch as the elements help deliver messages from Spirit. Using plants with a specific spiritual significance or characteristic is a great way to learn about plant allies or invoke wisdom pertaining to a specific area of your life. You could burn these plants using a smoke wand, a cauldron, incense, or even throwing them into a bonfire!

As you’re burning your dried herbs and flowers, invoke your intention and/or ask your questions. Look deeply within the smoke, listen for the crackling, feel the heat, smell the earthy tones, feel the texture of the ashes, and tune in to the messages coming through. Practice your presence as the messages may come quickly through the dancing smoke and flames.

Your intu-witch-ion will tell you when you are receiving the wisdom coming through. If you are new to this practice, begin trusting your intuition by witnessing how your body feels as the messages come in. Do you feel your third eye fluttering? Do you feel your heart activating? Do you feel rooted with the earth in these moments? Take your time exploring yourself here because, in time, this practice will help you trust yourself.

3. Tasseomancy with tea leaves

Tasseomancy, or tasseography, is a type of divination where you read tea leaves to gain wisdom, insight, and receive answers. For this divination, you can use any safe-to-consume herbs and flowers. 

We have an extensive blog piece on different types of divination, including tasseomancy. Click here to learn how to read tea leaves! 


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