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Goddess Blog

8 Tips for Magical Spellwork

Are you a magical Goddess looking to amplify your intentions and goals? Spellwork can assist you with creating a life you love!

A year ago

Tips for Spellwork

A year ago

Accessing your inner enchanted sorceress can help you when directing energy towards manifesting specific goals and dreams. The power is within you, Goddess! It always has been. So whether you’re a magick novice or a seasoned witch, we know you have it inside you to expertly execute spells and rituals that can assist you on your journey. 

Here are 8 tips and tools to amplify your spellwork:

Create an Altar

8 Tips for Magical Spellwork

Creating a sacred space is essential to your work. You can choose anywhere in your home that calls to you and place your altar there. Decorate your altar with objects that have meaning to you (we’ll offer some suggestions as you read on) and that you will use when casting your spells. It’s important to note that once you deem an item enchanted and make it part of your practice it is forever saturated with your energy and your magic. Make sure not to use your altar candle to decorate your dinner table - unless of course that’s part of your spell!

Use an Altar Mat

Tips for Spellwork

A great way to set the tone and protect your altar is to top it with a sacred cloth or covering. Any fabric that feels magical to you will work. Our Altar Mats are a beautiful foundation to your altar and will get you in the mood to get your spellwork on. Many of our mats are made with selenite infused ink which allows for your altar and objects to be continuously cleansed energetically. 

Use an Altar Instrument

Tips for Spellwork

Another spellwork must-have is a musical instrument for your altar. Instruments like bells, chimes, rattles, and singing bowls can clear the energy in your space and banish unwanted energies. They can also be used to call in your desired intentions and clear any stagnant energy lingering in your home.

Light Candles

Spellwork Essentials by Goddess Provisions

So many spells call for the element of fire, so having candles on hand is a must. These instruments encompass all of the elements (fire, melted wax for water, the air that feeds the flame, and the solid wax for earth) and are powerful tools to aid in focusing your intention. You don’t need any special type of candle as long as the intention is there. The important part is to remember to never blow out your candle or you blow away your intention right along with it! Make sure to have a candle snuffer on hand to put out the flame without undoing your work.

Use Spellbooks

8 Tips for Magical Spellwork

While you can always create your own spells, it is always a good idea to have some guidebooks on hand to use as a touchstone or point of reference. We can always benefit from the knowledge of those who came before us and there are a plethora of options out there depending on the kind of magick you’re practicing. You could also place your own spellbook or grimoire on your altar. This allows you to easily reach it when you feel inspired! 

Explore Herbalism

8 Tips for Magical Spellwork

Many spells can be done simply by raiding your spice drawer or garden! Ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and cayenne are just a few examples of everyday spices that can be utilized for magical purposes. If you're new to herbalism, check out our blog detailing 5 magical herbs for your altar and practice. This kit includes all of the herbs and spices you need to start your collection. 

Use Crystals

8 tips for Magical Spellwork

Witches know that these powerful tools are full of life and can impart their healing qualities to humans, plants, and animals alike. They can be used to harness your energy and intentions and send them out into the Universe and beyond. Look into which crystals have the properties most applicable to the spellwork you’re engaging in and let them help you manifest change in your life. 

Try Journalling

8 Tips for Magical Spellwork

You’ll want to have a place where you can document your experiences and keep track of any spells you create yourself. Find a beautiful notebook or journal that feels special to you and take time to write in it each time you feel called. Use one of our crystal filled pens to imbue your words with magick and let the power of the crystals assist you.

Our 2023 Moon Wisdom Planner is filled with magical journal prompts, a wellness tracker, and cycle trackers. This planner can help you align your spellwork with the moon phases and astrological events! 

We hope this guide inspires you to begin or continue to cultivate your spellwork practice. Spellwork is a powerful way to connect to your inner power and effect change in your life. We’ll be here encouraging and supporting you throughout your journey. Always remember that YOU are the magic and these tools are merely there to help you wield it.

For tools and goodies that help you access your inner enchanted sorceress and amplify your spellbook check out our monthly subscription box!