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2 years ago

Goddess Blog

Release & Let Go With This Fire Ritual

Using fire in your ritual practice is a great way to encourage energetic release. Learn how to safely conduct a fire ritual to help you let go of what no longer serves you.

2 years ago

Release & Let Go With This Fire Ritual

2 years ago

Incorporating fire into your rituals can help create mighty energetic shifts and allow you to clear space to enter a new season in life—both literally and metaphorically. Fire rituals have traditionally been used to mark transitions between the seasons during the Pagan holidays of Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain.

You don’t have to wait for a cross-quarter day, though, to work with a fire ritual. If you’re in need of an energetic cleansing, a clearing out of the old and welcoming in the new, here are a few simple ways you can hold your own releasing ceremony at any time of year. Note: Please make sure that when you practice any fire ritual, you are using fire-safe tools and are in an environment where it is safe to have a fire going.

1. Gather your supplies

A Fire Ritual for Releasing Goddess Provisions

Things you might want to have on hand for your ritual:

  • A fire-proof bowl, indoor fireplace, or outdoor fire pit to center your ritual around.
  • A lighter (Upgrade your ritual tools with this Ritual Lighter Case from Seed of Creation which is available in our Goddess Provisions Boutique!)
  • Paper & pen, or physical items that are representative of what you are choosing to release (photos, old journals, etc. Please be conscientious of what you choose to burn, taking care that it will not cause a negative reaction when placed in the fire. For example, metal items or anything that might combust!)
  • Any other items that would help you to create a sacred space (candles, crystals, music, etc.)

 2. Set the space

A Fire Ritual for Releasing Goddess Provisions

This can be as simple as placing your ritual objects with care in front of you and just getting quiet for a moment to mark the beginning of the ceremony, or it could be an elaborate process of decorating the space with candles, photos, or music.

Below are some ideas for helping to set your space. Pick and choose those that resonate with you, or come up with your own to help you fully sink into the magic of the moment!

  • Play some inspiring, empowering music.
  • Light candles around the area where the actual fire will be lit.
  • Place photos around your ritual space of deities who represent fire, letting go, and releasing blockages. Kali, Freyja, Pele, and Brigid are all incredibly powerful goddesses associated with the element of fire.
  • Gather red, orange and yellow crystals around your ritual space to help support the energy of fire.

3. Offer it up to the fire 

A Fire Ritual for Releasing Goddess Provisions

While for some, it can be incredibly freeing to burn old journals of your past self, or photos of a relationship that needs to finally be released, sometimes that may not feel like the right version of a fire ritual for you. Instead, you might like to write down what you are letting go of on a simple piece of paper to throw into the fire.

If you have the proper set-up and know-how to create a contained fire, get those flames going! Otherwise, bring your fire-proof bowl into your ritual space and, one by one, light the piece(s) of paper that you have written on with your lighter, and then drop the paper into the bowl to let the flames work their magic.

4. Connect to the flames and feel the release 

Once your offerings (in the form of physical items or pieces of paper) have caught fire, take time to sit quietly, watching the flames as they do the work of destroying those things that were holding you back from the next form of your evolution. As you watch it all turn to ash, tap into the felt sense of what it will be like to no longer have those barriers preventing you from your growth.

5. Close your ritual

A Fire Ritual for Releasing Goddess Provisions

When the fire has burned out, or you feel your ritual is complete, close your ritual by offering up a moment of gratitude for the things that you have released. They were part of your journey and helped you get to where you are now, and though they are no longer necessary, they served a purpose. Before leaving your ritual space, make sure that the fire is completely out.

Any time you feel the tug of your old habits, relationships, or the beliefs you released in your fire ritual, visualize the flames consuming them once again and continue to embody the feeling of freedom from removing those old blockages.

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