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Lammas Spell for Prosperity

Lammas is a beautiful time to begin witnessing the bounty of your manifestations and to continue invoking prosperity in your life. Celebrate this abundant time on the wheel of the year with candle magic for prosperity!

A year ago

Lammas Spell for Prosperity

A year ago

We’ve conjured a simple spell for you to invoke prosperity and abundance. This spell has the power to boost your financial wealth, bring more blessings into your life, and amplify the manifestations that you’re working on.

One of the beautiful things about a prosperity spell is that it helps us look at the blessings we already have. So even though we have a specific list of materials for you, using whatever you have around your house can amplify the feelings of abundance that already live within you! 

Materials & Ingredients:

The Spell

To begin, create your intention for this spell. Think about the blessings in your life and the things that you’re hoping to manifest. With a prosperity spell, or money magic, it’s helpful to be as specific as possible. For example, instead of hoping for lots of money, choose a specific number that you will work towards and allow to flow into your life. 

Using your incense, cleanse all your ingredients and materials. For this spell, we’ll be creating a small altar. Place it near a window so that the sun’s rays can reach it!

Next, take your bill of money and begin folding it with intention. Fold it once to set your intention and manifestations. Fold it again to amplify the magic. Then, fold it for a third time to invoke stability.

Lammas Spell for Prosperity

Place your folded bill under your candle in the middle of your altar. For our candle, we chose to use a green candle so the color can amplify our magic. But you can also use whatever candle you have available.

Next, take four coins and place them at the four corners of your altar around your candle. Alternatively, you could place your coins at each direction which also brings the symbolism of the elements into your magic. After you’ve placed your coins, add your crystals to your altar in whatever position feels right for you.

After all your materials are in place, take your anointing oil and dab it on your coins and add a few drops to your candle. We’re using the Prosperity Anointing Oil by Coal Miner’s Daughter.

Lammas Spell for Prosperity

We also added some magic prosperity dusting powder using our sun spoon. This is an optional step, but it does help to amplify the magic. Dusting powders are crafted using specific ingredients for amplification and our sun spoon represents the divine masculine’s stability. 

Next, sprinkle some cinnamon powder. Cinnamon corresponds to the sun, divine masculine energy, and raises the vibrations of our intentions.

Lastly, light your candle and allow the sun’s rays to charge and amplify your magic! 

Lammas Spell for Prosperity


We created a reel to demonstrate this Lammas prosperity spell. Check it out and leave a comment letting us know how your spell went! 

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