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2 years ago

Goddess Blog

Power of the New Moon

Explore the meaning of the New Moon and practices that you can incorporate into this time of renewal.

2 years ago

Power of the New Moon Goddess Provisions

2 years ago

Every month, we experience a New Moon and a time that encourages self-reflection and setting intentions. Using the magic of the New Moon to your advantage, you can create new beginnings for yourself and embrace its nurturing power. Our friend Stevie Suhr, Owner of Heathen Moon, has shard her wisdom on the New Moon and some of her favorite practices below.  

The New Moon 

Power of the New Moon Goddess Provisions

The New Moon takes place approximately every 28-30 days; it occurs when the sun and moon align, obstructing our view of the moon. It’s a time where self-reflection is encouraged, new ideas are cultivated, and intentions are set. The appearance of the moon’s surface during a New Moon is dark or empty, symbolizing fertile ground for renewal, creativity, and flourishing purposes. During this period, we can create a practice that will nourish our seeds of intentions and help us align better with the powerful energy swelling around this time in the lunar cycle.

New Moon Practices

Power of the New Moon Goddess Provisions

Your New Moon practices or rituals should be entirely yours—a representation of your position in life as well as your beliefs, needs, and aspirations. Manifest whatever beckons to you during a New Moon: do it alone or in a group, meditate and set an intention while in a bath, producing art, or with your yoga practice. Examine what will serve you the most at that moment. 

The moon, in my belief, is always guided across the sky by a chariot driven by the Norse god, Máni. Even when hidden from our eyes, it allows us to co-create with the moon’s beautiful energy. Below are some practices to explore that I find valuable and use to connect to the power of the New Moon.

Prepare a Sacred Space

Power of the New Moon Goddess Provisions

Much like during the Dark Moon, you can cleanse and prepare your space in the New Moon phase. I do this by dusting off and reorganizing my altar with my favorite tools, crystals, and clearing my space. A simple clearing or releasing ritual can be done with the smoke of herbs or incense, salt, or energetic cleansing spray. Clearing helps you unlock your space by eliminating any negative energy that has accumulated. This practice will give you a clean environment both energetically and physically.  

Take a Bath

Power of the New Moon Goddess Provisions

Because the moon has a strong association with water, what better way to harness its lunar energy than immersing yourself in a bath? Water also symbolizes washing away anything old or undesirable to make way for new desires and aspirations.

I love to run a bath with salts, essential oils, herbs, or flower petals to create my sacred space. To help me focus on my intentions and boost my intuition, I additionally surround myself with amethyst and labradorite crystals, candles, and peaceful music. For your bath, you may even want to take the time to reflect or engage in breathing exercises. This type of lunar bath will give you a renewal of energy.


Power of the New Moon Goddess Provisions

Meditation is an excellent way to sit in stillness and reflect—this time to allow yourself to relax and listen to the internal callings of your mind, heart, and soul. In meditation, it is best to take note of the thoughts or ideas that resurface. These could be matters you can release with the New Moon; they can be concepts you want to bring in. Any feelings that continue to appear, take a moment to reflect on each one.  

During my meditation reflections, I use our vegan New Moon nature fragrance. It is a blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Rosemary, to help draw opportunities to myself and renew my energy while helping to develop more self-awareness and intuition. Heathen Moon’s combination of scents is intended to be used on your third eye and any other points, wrists and ankles, etc., where energy draws from.

The Next New Moon

Power of the New Moon Goddess Provisions

These are just a few of the many ways to harness the New Moon energy to create a practice or ritual that will help you manifest new beginnings and reflect on your current life path. Each New Moon, you can perform the same practice every time or change it up depending on your needs, wants, or desires.

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