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Goddess Blog

Crystals For Your Moon Sign

For anyone new to crystal healing, or those looking to expand their crystal collection, choosing which stones to work with can be just as exciting of a process as it is daunting.

A year ago

Crystals For Your Moon Sign at Goddess Provisions

A year ago

With over 200 varieties of natural gemstone known in the world today - each of which possesses its own unique properties - it can be difficult to guess which ones may work best for you. Here at Goddess Provisions we love all things crystal and are here to help you out.

The truth is, crystal selection is entirely up to your personal preference, but if you find yourself overwhelmed by all the options, looking to your personal astrology (i.e. the planetary placements in your natal chart), can offer some clarity and send helpful hints your way. 

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

While every crystal has its benefits, there are some that share a special affinity with certain planets, elements, and astrological signs. For instance, citrine's golden yellow color and radiant energy are associated with the sun, as well as the element of fire, making it the perfect power stone for Leo - a fire sign whose ruling planet is the sun!

When a connection exists between a crystal and zodiac sign, its energy can feel much more natural to work with, or easier to harness. This not only applies to a person’s sun sign, but extends to any placement in their natal chart too, such as their moon sign or rising sign.

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

If emotions have been difficult to navigate recently, choosing crystals based on your moon sign is a great place to start, as the moon governs our subconscious, feelings, and instincts. Here’s a list of power stones for each of the various moon signs:

If Your Moon Sign is Aries: Lepidolite

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

If your moon sign was a film it’d be, “The Fast and the Furious.” Those with a moon in Aries are renowned for going from zero to a hundred in the blink of an eye, which means your emotions don’t simmer, they come on intensely, and suddenly. Though your temper may be short lived, what you say in the moment can leave a sting long after you’ve spoken. Working with lepidolite, an incredibly calming stone, can prevent you from burning bridges prematurely by melting away immediate tension and gently easing you back to center.

If Your Moon Sign is Taurus: Selenite

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

Those with a moon in Taurus possess an emotional tranquility and sweetness, as the Bull is patient, sincere, and steadfast with its feelings. You aren’t easily perturbed by conflict and prefer to keep things calm. Perhaps the greatest challenge for you, however, is getting too comfortable with your way of doing things. After all, Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning that once its mind is made up, there’s almost nothing that can change it.

For this reason, selenite is your new BFF, as this cleansing stone shares strong ties with the moon, and excels at removing old and stagnant energy so that personal growth can occur.

If Your Moon Sign is Gemini: Serpentine

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

Variety is the spice of life for those with a moon in Gemini. Since Gemini is an air sign, mental stimulation is what drives your emotions. If something doesn’t inspire you or pique your curiosity, it won’t hold your attention for very long. Because of your dual nature, your moods can dramatically fluctuate throughout the day, wreaking havoc on your nerves.

Working with serpentine, a soothing and balancing stone, can unite or regulate any disparate energies so that you can remain present with how you truly feel.

If Your Moon Sign is Cancer: Pink Tourmaline

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon, which means that those with this placement are emotionally deep, sensitive, and intuitive. In order for you to open up to someone, it’s essential that you feel safe, secure, and nurtured.

Trust is paramount. Your ability to feel so deeply is what makes it hard for you to let go of past wounds, which is why pink tourmaline is an ideal crystal companion for you. Its healing, feminine energy gently dissolves past pain and gently supports you as you work through your fears.

If Your Moon Sign is Leo: Labradorite

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

Those with their moon in Leo have a naturally sunny disposition that is warm, friendly, and generous. You don’t hold back when it comes to displays of affection and will spoil the ones you love just as much as they spoil you. As long as you feel loved, admired, and appreciated, you’re a happy camper, but as soon as you sense that they’re lacking, you’ll unleash your mighty roar.

In this case, labradorite is your power stone, as its connection to the third eye chakra creates distance from the ego while drawing you closer to your intuitive wisdom.

If Your Moon Sign is Virgo: Carnelian

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

“A place for everything, and everything in its place,” is the overarching motto for those with a moon in Virgo. You derive comfort from structure and systems and have a pragmatic approach to emotions. It can be difficult for you to feel good about something if it doesn’t make sense on a practical level, which causes you to be overly dismissive at times.

Working with carnelian, a revitalizing and energizing stone, can stoke your creative fire, imbue you with newfound optimism, and connect you to exciting opportunities and enriching experiences you may not have been open to otherwise.

If Your Moon Sign is Libra: Pink Opal

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

Balance is key to those with their moon in Libra. If areas of your life feel inharmonious, especially those involving relationships, it is hard for you to feel at peace. Your charming and agreeable nature quickly puts others at ease, and allows you to get along with just about anyone. However, this may cause you to become stuck in subconscious cycles of putting others’ needs before your own.

Working with pink opal, a balancing stone, can strengthen your sense of self and encourage you to take ownership of your emotions.

If Your Moon Sign is Scorpio: Celestite

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

It’s all or nothing for those with their moon in Scorpio. Though you may appear calm on the outside, you’re emotionally intense on the inside. Feelings can wash over you in powerful, all-consuming waves, as you alternate between emotional extremes.

Using celestite, a harmonizing and soothing stone, can help you maintain your balance and inner peace as you navigate the most difficult of challenges.

If Your Moon Sign is Sagittarius: Obsidian

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

The sky’s the limit for those with their moon in Sagittarius. You have an optimistic and philosophical outlook on life, and feel most comfortable when you’re given freedom to roam. In always looking to the next horizon, however, you may struggle with following through on plans or focusing on what’s right in front of you.

Working with a grounding and regulating stone, such as obsidian, can rein in scattered energy so you can concentrate on building value in the things you wish to last.

If Your Moon Sign is Capricorn: Rose Quartz

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

The moon in ambitious and methodical Capricorn brings a steadied hand to your emotional landscape. You like to plan for the future and find comfort in productivity, which means you don’t waste time on frivolous pursuits. While this may seem cold or overly logical to some, you simply know what you want, and are strategic about how to get it.

Working with rose quartz, the stone of universal love, can soften self-criticism while nurturing self-acceptance so you can embrace the beauty and pleasure of the present moment.

If Your Moon Sign is Aquarius: Larimar

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

Those with a moon in Aquarius are quirky to say the least. You have a unique way of doing things and enjoy subverting expectations. Emotionally, you may come off as detached, as you view emotions from an objective and analytical perspective. As a result, you may have difficulty relating to those who let their feelings get the best of them in certain situations.

Using larimar, a stone of intuition, allows you to lean into the wisdom of your feelings instead of constantly rationalizing them. Trust that they’ll show you the way.

If Your Moon Sign is Pisces: Aragonite Star Cluster

Crystals For Your Moon Sign Goddess Provisions

Those with a moon in Pisces have an almost psychic-like quality when it comes to emotions. You are highly attuned to the feelings of those around you, and frequently intuit what others want or need. While this makes you a very understanding and compassionate person, it can also cause you to be easily overwhelmed or energetically depleted.

Working with an aragonite star cluster can enhance your inner strength and shield you from negativity so that you can stand firm in your own power, no matter what.

So much gratitude to Katie Huang for sharing her crystal wisdom here.

Katie Huang is the author of Crystal Zodiac: An Astrological Guide to Enhancing Your Life With Crystals. She is the founder of Love By Luna and co-host of Sex Magic Podcast.

To learn more about crystals for your zodiac sign, check out Katie's book here.

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