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4 Crystals for Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in retrograde has the power to throw our lives into disarray, so it’s a great idea to surround ourselves with things like crystals that provide energetic and spiritual protection.

2 years ago

4 Crystals for Mercury in Retrograde

2 years ago

Are you looking for support and protection during the Mercury Retrograde? There are several crystals that can be an ally during this energetic shift!

Mercury in retrograde has the power to throw our lives into disarray, so it’s a great idea to surround ourselves with things like crystals, that provide support. 

Mercury in retrograde means that the planet of Mercury looks like it is moving in reverse. Spiritually, Mercury represents communication and coordination; thus, this retrograde motion can create energetic shifts on earth that cause disarray, misfortune, misunderstandings, and much more. As well, Mercury can be in retrograde several times a year. 

This can be a challenging time on earth, so surrounding ourselves with things that can provide energetic support is important! We’ve created a list of four crystals to help you during the Mercury Retrograde:

1. Sodalite 
This blue crystal opens the throat chakra and encourages rational thinking and self awareness. Sodalite has the power to help us focus and clear blocks from our minds and throats during this difficult time. 

2. Black Tourmaline
This spiritual ally provides energetic protection and purification, warding off any unwanted energies or forces. This crystal deeply connects us with our root chakra and provides stability and balance.

3. Mookaite
This form of Jasper helps release old patterns and unwanted energies that are no longer serving us. Mookaite also boosts our awareness and provides support with decision making.

4. Selenite
This crystal is a powerful energetic cleanser; so much so that it has the power to cleanse other crystals. It is a soft crystal and does not hold onto energies in the same way other crystals do. Its angelic nature purifies auras and promotes inner peace. 

For more information, check out our reel showing these powerful crystals or our blog detailing everything you need to know about mercury in retrograde!