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Goddess Blog

Manifesting Your Intentions with Crystal Grids

Are you ready to manifest your deepest desires? This guide will teach you how to use the power of crystal grids and your own powers of manifestation to do just that.

3 years ago

Manifesting our Intentions with Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

3 years ago

You might have heard about crystal grids and know they look pretty but are not really sure what they are for. Crystal grids are a tool to help you manifest an intention, whether that be to create a loving environment in your space or for something bigger like finding a job, success for your business or even protection from external influences. The list is endless, so where does one start? 

In this post, Nicola McIntosh, the artist whose enchanting art from her Crystal Grid Oracle Deck is featured on our Crystal Grid Microfiber Lens Clothshares her wisdom on crystal grids and how to use them to bring your visions to life.

Define Your Desires

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

First you need to define exactly what you want. When you become clear on what you want, the manifestation process becomes easier. You can’t manifest something you are not really clear about.

Connect With Your Chakras

Manifesting our Intentions with Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

Can you relate your intention with a specific chakra or colour? Nearly everything we want to manifest can relate to one or more specific chakra. For instance, a job, a house, a family issue all relate to your Base Chakra. Love, receiving, connecting to our external environment and nature relate to our Heart Chakra.

So if you learn your chakras well, you can then pick the appropriate crystal by its corresponding colour to the chakras. Using crystals in this way will help us shift the necessary energy within us to become in alignment with what we are trying to manifest.

You Attract What You Are

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

You cannot manifest anything that is not in alignment with who you are. What does this mean? Your vibrations need to match that which you are wanting to draw into your life.

This is why manifesting can seem very complicated and sometimes we can’t see how it is actually working in our lives. Spiritual enlightenment doesn’t always come in the form of warm and fuzzy. It usually presents itself in the struggles and harsh realities of life. It’s from there that we come through the tunnel into a new us. Below are some examples of how this rule of manifestation works in certain situations. 

Looking for Love

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

You can’t expect the love of your life to walk through the door if you do not love yourself first. When you emanate the vibrations of love, you attract more of the same vibration to you. When you create a crystal grid to bring you love, the issues that may come up for you may make you face some realities about yourself that you need to work on first, before you manifest exactly what you want.

Dreaming of Success

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

If you are wanting to manifest your perfect job, are there things you need to let go of first? Do you feel deserving of it? Do you perhaps need to take a course or learn new skills to become a greater match for it?

What to Do Next

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

So what’s the next step in creating your grid? You can intuitively create it. Or if you feel you want to research things, that's fine too. If you just want to jump in and create, do it! Feel guided by your intuition as there is no wrong way to create a crystal grid. Don’t be deterred by what everyone else is doing.

If you only have a few crystals, work with them. Use jewelry if you have it or stones collected on walks or from your garden. You can even use flowers, leaves and shells! Use whatever you feel guided to. Everything has its own vibrational signature that can help you with your manifesting. If you're looking to expand your crystal collection, you can start here.

Keep it Simple

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

Having a background in Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine, I like to make things simple and not overload the body with too many different things at once. This is why I like to keep to only a few colors when I pick out my stones. Check out these color crystal sets for groups already organized by color!

If we are working on the heart, I pick out green and pink stones only. If I need grounding, black, brown and red stones etc. Too many energies together can be too overwhelming for the senses, so keep it simple. It will feel more succinct as well.

Cleanse Your Materials

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

It’s always a good thing to cleanse your crystals or objects. Flowers and plants are fine to use, but I always ask their permission first if I intend to cut them from the main plant.

Next we need to program them for the same intention. This can be as simple and having them all together and simply asking that the crystal energies please come together for your purpose.  Really feel the exchange with your crystals or plants when you speak to them, as you want to connect to them as much as you can, because essentially you are asking for their help.

Start Your Grid

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

Next place the crystals in an arrangement. You can use a grid cloth, a geometric image printed out, something hand drawn or use your imagination. Just ensure the crystals are arranged in a close manner because their energy fields will overlap each other which creates a unified energy field.

Activate Your Grid

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

I recommend activating your grid in one of two ways:

1. Use a pendulum to show you that the energy is already activated, keeping in mind that crystals have a very intelligent life force behind them. We don’t really need to do too much as we’ve already asked them for their help.

2. Sit in front of the grid and tune into what you have just set up. Connect as much as possible with the grid and the stones and ask for the energies to please manifest what you have asked or show you what is needed for your growth in this direction.


Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions

Next, let it go out to the Universe and open yourself to receiving. The energy of a crystal grid can come back as shifts of energy within ourselves, deeper understanding of situations, epiphanies and even amazing synchronicities.

They truly are something special and when you learn to create them more, you will come to understand how you are the creator of your universe, so have fun and enjoy expanding your awareness of yourself and the world around you.

Many thanks to Nicola an Artist, Author, Herbalist, and Celtic Shamanism practitioner for sharing her wisdom. Check out her book Crystal Grid Secrets, published by Rockpool Publishing, for a more in-depth look at crystal grids, shamanism, chakras, crystals, and manifesting on a deeper level using crystal grids.

Her book and Crystal Grid Oracle cards can be found internationally in book stores, spiritual shops and Amazon, or on her website.

Manifesting Our Intentions With Crystal Grids Goddess Provisions


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