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5 months ago

Goddess Blog

Lessons from La Luna

5 months ago

Lessons from La Luna

5 months ago

Have you ever taken a moment to connect with the moon? Watching her rising in the dark sky of a winter morning, or setting over the white peaks of mountains at the beginning of spring; and on the rare occasion seeing her shine red during an eclipse.

Many invaluable lessons can also arise from connecting with La Luna's energy. This month's guest writer is the magical Lucia Dami who's art is featured on the November 2020 Insert Card (SOLD OUT). We welcome Lucia to share her moon wisdom and how the lunar light guides her.


1) How Silence Speaks

My grandmother always saw the moon as something that had a soul of its own, she would send her prayers up to her and sing in devotion. I don’t remember when I first spoke to the moon, and whether it was a whisper or a silent prayer - but I remember how it filled me when I felt her answers move me like the tides.

It made me wonder whether anything could speak to you if you communed with it long enough; I have since found that to be true. Not only does the silence of the moon always make her a good listener (and the best keeper of your secrets), but when we devote our attention to something that is silent, and we observe and attend to its beauty, we open ourselves up to receiving its wisdom - without words, we see, we feel, and somehow we understand.

When we commune with silence, we openly face the unknown, and as a result, we invite in the possibility of change. This is perhaps why my grandfather, unlike my grandmother, said that as a sailor he had always feared the moon when he was out at sea - I think he feared the power of her silence and the way she pulls you in with her almost haunting mystery.

2) Trust - the light returns

It was from the moon that I learned about trust. The sort of trust that pulls you out of shadows, and the sort of trust that then teaches you to voluntarily walk through them - after all, the stars are always brighter the darker it gets, and the darker the moonlight is too. It is a lesson that is reflected in her constant dance of hide and seek; how she hides from the light but is never lost from it - always returning.

Remember a time you thought you were lost, but later found yourself right where you were meant to be? And you wish you’d had more faith because although the painful lesson (that dark moment) was important, the suffering that came after was always avoidable. That’s what trust gives you, a remedy to suffering, and the kind of grace that stops you from sinking into despair when the light seemingly leaves. No matter how long it may feel between each full moon - the full moon always returns in her full glory.

3) Surrender through the cycles

After a while of these repeating cycles, you no longer spend your energy trying to look for the light or the lessons when the shadows come; because you understand the true beauty of darkness is one that requires surrender. It is in our instincts to fight against the unknown and to latch onto what feels familiar even when we know how much we need to let go, but once you’ve done it enough times you become familiar with transience - and the silence of an ending no longer frightens you but entices you to commune with it.

You understand that what is lost may soon be a freedom found; and the less you fight against the cycles, the more receptive you become to your own power. Next time you find yourself clenching up at the inevitability of change, remember it will hurt a lot less if you surrender - and commune with the moon instead.

4) The immortal essence

I have not found a greater feeling of reward than the one that comes when we face the obscurity of our fears and discover that we are so much more powerful than we thought. Through the repetition of these cycles we have the chance to learn that even when we fall apart there is a spirit in us - a light in us - that is unbreakable, and ever returning.

I always set an intention when I create to draw out the light from this immortal place, so that each artwork is like an indestructible bridge to that trust, like a prayer - may we always know our power - and may I show you yours when you cannot see it - like pointing to the stars on a moonless night.


Honor the moon with the November 2020 Lunar light Box (SOLD OUT). 

Big thanks to Lucia Dami! To learn more about here and her art head to her website or Instagram.

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