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Goddess Blog

How To Read Tea Leaves

Who would’ve thought tea leaves could tell you about your future? If cards, numbers and stars can provide insight then why not tea? It is already steeped in ritual, wouldn’t you say?

3 years ago

How To Read Tea Leaves

3 years ago

Even as a big tea drinker, I never thought to look inside my cup once the tea was gone. I always just raced for a refill. But the messages revealed inside are worth the pause. Plus not using a tea strainer feels slightly like breaking a rule. But, as they say, magic happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.

How To Read Tea Leaves Goddess Provisions

Are you ready?

Give it a try with our any of our mystical teacups! Not quite sure how it’s done? Here's what you need to know before reading tea leaves.

The Art of Tea Leaf Reading Origins

How To Read Tea Leaves Goddess Provisions 

Tasseography refers to the divinatory art of reading patterns in tea leaves. Written in the 18th century, Reading Tea Leaves, by a "Highland Seer," is the oldest english book on the subject.

Tasseography (the art of reading tea leaves) is not as hard as you might think. Much like looking to the stars for cyclical clues in astrology or drawing tarot cards for archetypal guidance, reading tea leaves asks you to trust your intuition when connecting with the tools at hand.

Like any other divination art, this will test your intuitive edges at first. Don’t get stuck over-analyzing or questioning your inner knowing. Trust your instincts.

Best practices:

  • Work with loose leaf tea for the reading. Don’t use a tea strainer
  • Medium-sized loose-leaf tea leaves are the easiest to read
  • Trust your intuition

How to use your Teacup

How To Read Tea Leaves Goddess Provisions

Enjoy a teacup of loose leaf tea and leave just enough liquid to swirl the tea leaves around. Swirl the teacup 3 times clockwise and then turn it upside down on the saucer so the liquid can empty out. Inhale. Exhale. Flip the teacup back over and observe the tea leaf configurations set against the map of the moon phases for insight into your inquiry.

On which phase or phases do the tea leaves lie? What symbols appear in the tea leaves? Do these hold a particular meaning for you?

DIY Intuitive Plant Allies Herbal Tea Blend

How To Read Tea Leaves Goddess Provisions

This herbal tea blend combines 4 powerful plant allies to awaken your higher self. Work with these powerful plant allies to activate your energy channels so you can remain open to receiving intuitive guidance.*

This recipe is designed in the traditional parts method—a part being whatever measurement you choose from a teaspoon to a whole cup or more!

Mugwort = 1 part

Peppermint = 2 parts

Tulsi = 1 part

Calendula = 2 parts

You should be able to find these common herbs at a local bulk food shop, natural food store or order from an online retailer. This tea blend is just a suggestion so feel free to use any loose leaf tea.

*Please consult your healthcare provider with any concerns before taking/working with herbs or supplements.

Moon Phases Teacup Divination Guide

How To Read Tea Leaves Goddess Provisions

Would you like to learn more? This guide contains everything you need to know when working with your Moon Phases Teacup. Curious to know what it means when your tea leaves land on the New Moon or the Waning Crescent? Click here to get your own copy of this tell-all guide.

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