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Goddess Blog

How to Build an Ancestral Samhain Altar

Do you want to honor your ancestors during the Samhain season? If so, then let us show you how to create an altar doing just that! 

A year ago

How to Build an Ancestral Samhain Altar

A year ago

At Samhain, otherwise known as Halloween, the veil between our physical world and the spiritual realms is at its thinnest. This means that souls who have passed can enter our realities more easily at this time. Creating an altar to recognize all those who have come before us, or love ones that have passed, is a great way to honor these spirits and maybe even welcome them. 

Here are our tips for creating a Samhain ancestral altar:

1. Find a safe space for your altar 

Choose an area where your altar can be seen but not disturbed. You can use a shelf, a table, a cabinet, or anywhere that suits you!

2. Clean the space

Clean the physical space and surface that you’ll be using. Make sure it is free of dust and any stagnant energy. 

How to Build an Ancestral Samhain Altar

3. Use an altar cloth

Before you place your items on your altar, lay an altar cloth. You could use any piece of fabric like a scarf, doily, or tarot mat! This creates a thoughtful foundation for your altar. Our Goddess Provisions altar cloths are made with selenite infused ink; the selenite allows for the energy to be continuously cleansed.

4. Place photographs

Put photos of your ancestors or passed loved ones on your altar so you can bring their energy into the space and into your mind. 

5. Place ancestral momentos

Decorate your altar with talismans from your ancestors or loved ones to further bring attention to their energy and memory. These could be personal items that belonged to them or even gifts. 

How to Build an Ancestral Samhain Altar

6. Include ancestral herbs

Place dried or fresh herbs with strong ancestral roots on your altar. There are many herbs that assist us with ancestral magic or connect us to our lineage. These herbs can help honor your ancestors or act as an offering. Some ancestral herbs include rosemary, mugwort or anything grown on your family/ancestral land. 

7. Include symbols of the earth

The element of earth and the direction of north are connected to the roots of ancestral magic. Include aspects of the earth on your altar to enhance your intention and bring in more ancestral symbolism. This could be your herbs but it could also be crystals or items you find in nature. 

8. Include an offering

Place an offering on your altar. Making an offering to our ancestors is great because it’s an act of respectfully giving intentional energy. Offering something that is natural and earth based is a great idea; this way, you can return it back to nature when you take your altar down. For example, you could offer food you made or something you collected from the earth. 

How to Build an Ancestral Samhain Altar

9. Cleanse your altar

After you have set up your altar, cleanse its energy and imbue it with your intention. You can use dried herbs, incense, or even sound to cleanse your altar. 

How to Build an Ancestral Samhain Altar

Check out our reel demonstrating how to create an ancestral altar for Samhain!