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2 years ago

Goddess Blog

A Simple Guide to Stress Reduction

Stress reduction is a daily practice and a daily motivation to upgrade your pattern. Having your toolkit of stress reduction essentials that you can go to when you need an extra boost of self-care is the best way to not only reduce stress in the moment, but to prevent it in advance and reset your frequency.

2 years ago

A Simple Guide to Stress Reduction by Goddess Provisions

2 years ago

Self-care is the best way to practice stress reduction on a daily basis. It is not purely a luxury that you can afford yourself once a year on your birthday, it is a daily gift of love that you give yourself to promote your wellbeing on all levels.

We've asked our friend Willow Rose from eResonance to give us a simple plan for calming ourselves and finding our center when stress creeps in.  

Building Your Self-Care Toolkit for Stress Reduction

A Simple Guide to Stress Reduction by Goddess Provisions

We have all had moments when life seems to be guiding us instead of us being the guide. Remembering to go back to the basics and take time to intentionally refocus and reset is the best gift we can give ourselves. So how can we do this? By building our own self-care toolkit!

Alignment comes when we feel that we are aligned with our true self, confident in our abilities, and connected with the world and people around us. In this moment we feel a deep connection, sense of ease, aligned with life, and in flow. When one of these aspects slips slightly off balance, this is our reminder that it is time to reach for our toolkit.

A Simple Guide to Stress Reduction by Goddess Provisions

When this un-balance begins, the best way to support your mind, body, spirit, and heart is to have already built your toolkit in advance. Having a variety of tools (objects, practices, ideas, reminders, or even a special Self Care Oracle Deck as shown above) to lean on when you begin to feel overwhelmed, will not only help to reduce your stress in the moment, but will be a source of ease and confidence, knowing that if anything happens, you have the tools you need to care for yourself in that moment of discomfort and beyond.

Through using these tools and reinforcing your self-confidence in yourself, you will also program yourself to know you have what it takes within you and the stress will reduce and ease. Being able to draw on your own inner strengths, self-care practices, tools, and community will allow you to help yourself in the most holistic and self-loving way possible.

Create Your Toolkit!

A Simple Guide to Stress Reduction by Goddess Provisions

How to create your toolkit? First make a written list of 10 things you can do when you begin to feel any sort of stress. Write them down. Next, find a beautiful box and place all of the self-care items you need, along with your list, inside. When you begin to stress, you can go to your box, and will have everything you need in one place.

A few pieces in our ideal toolkit:

  • Organic Aromatherapy Oils - for a soothing bath
  • Organic Frankincense Oil - to use on the bottoms of the feet for grounding
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil - to use in the bath or on pulse points
  • Organic Rose Oil - to place on the heart and crown of the head
  • A Piece of Jewelry - a reminder that you have what it takes within you
  • Name & Number of Friends or Family - to call when you need some extra love
  • Self-Care List of 10 Things to Do When I Begin to Feel Off Balance
    • Practice a Hobby (e.g. singing, dancing, crafting, etc.)
    • Go for a Walk or Run
    • 10-minute Yoga Sequence on Youtube
    • 2 X Breathing Techniques
    • 15 Minute Meditation

eResonance is a family owned and operated business founded to provide you with sustainable self-care essentials to help you to help yourself. Their mission is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to support yourself along your self-care journey.

For monthly, grounding, goddess goodies subscribe to our Goddess Provisions Box. We can't wait to share what's coming up next!

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