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Goddess Blog

6 Crystals to Help You Find Balance

As we enter into another Mercury Retrograde, it’s helpful to surround yourself with ritual tools to help you stay grounded. Discover 6 crystals that can help you during this retrograde season and the others to come.

2 years ago

6 Crystals to Help You Find Balance

2 years ago

Each crystal offers its own unique wisdom and vibration to help you during any situation. As we enter into any planetary retrograde, it’s important to surround yourself with helpful ritual tools and create an environment that is grounding and allows you to grow through anything that may be brought up during the retrograde. Discover seven of our favorite supporting stones to help you during any planetary retrograde.

Black Tourmaline

Any spiritual practice is rooted in protection, whether that’s creating energetic boundaries or releasing any unwanted or stagnant energies. Black Tourmaline is the perfect stone to keep on you or in your home at any time for extra protection. Because of this, this is a great stone to take with you while you are out and about to help shield you from energy that you don’t need to bring into your life. Black Tourmaline can help you release any negativity that you may be holding onto or that may be in your space while connecting you to your lower chakras to ground you and create a strong foundation for your practice.


A stone of confidence, Carnelian can help you stand in your own power. With its connection to the Root Chakra, this is another great stone to connect you to your roots and bring you back to a comfortable and grounded space. Carnelian is also a great stone to help reinvigorate you and bring energy back into your life. So if a planetary retrograde has had you feeling down, meditate or carry this crystal with you to help channel energy to you and welcome that little boost into your life.


This unique stone is another powerful tool to use to help protect yourself and your energy. Hematite is another shielding stone that can act as a veil, protecting you from projects or energy that doesn’t serve you. This is a great stone for those who feel like they tend to take on the emotions of others but recognize that those emotions aren’t theirs to take on. Like Black Tourmaline, its connection to the Root Chakra provides you with the foundation to stand tall and be brave.

Rose Quartz

Including Rose Quartz in your practice during a retrograde is a great way to remind yourself of the love that you deserve. Sometimes planetary retrogrades can shake us up and bring up old scenarios or emotions that we have to work through. This gentle and soothing stone is the reminder that you may need during that time to love yourself and treat yourself with kindness and compassion. No matter what happens during a retrograde, remember that you are a creation of divine love and are divinely supported.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is the companion you may be looking for to soak up negative energy, thoughts, and emotions. This stone can act as an energetic sponge and absorb all that doesn’t serve you. It can help you break free of patterns or habits that you find yourself falling into, which is great as retrograde periods really emphasize the importance of reflection and release.

Tiger’s Eye

Captivating in appearance, Tiger’s Eye can come in several different colors, all with those magical illuminating stripes. This is another deeply grounding and rooted stone that can also help you to connect to the natural world around you. Tiger’s Eye can also help you activate your intuitive abilities, so if you’ve been searching for messages during a retrograde and can’t seem to tune in in the way you would like, this may be a great option for you to include in your ritual practice.

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