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Magic of Rituals

Create your own spiritual rituals

Rituals allow us space to honor ourselves and the sacred around us. We’ve made it easy to build a “ritual library” with our Goddess Provisions Ritual Kits. These kits provide many of the items you need to create multiple personalized rituals. Need more ritual tools? We’ve got you covered.

Money Magick Ritual Kit

I Attract & Maintain Abundance


What Does Money Magick Mean?

Money magick refers to the practice of using spiritual or magical techniques to manifest financial abundance or increase your wealth. This may involve rituals, spells, visualization, affirmations, or other practices designed to align your energy with abundance and attract money into your life.

Invocations for Abundance

We’ve created three rituals designed to help you manifest abundance. These rituals aim to align your energy with wealth and abundance, allowing you to attract more prosperity into your life.

Our Money Magick Ritual Kit comes with instructions for the rituals listed below. Head to our Instagram page to see our resident prosperity goddess show you the magic!


Money Bowl

Ritual Steps

  1. Cleanse a bowl and set it on your altar.
  2. Sprinkle a pinch of each of the included herbs in the bowl.
  3. Place a stone that manifests abundance such as Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, or Citrine.
  4. You can also add coins, paper currency, and a bay leaf or paper with your abundance intention written on it.
  5. Meditate and call forth abundant energy.
  6. Tend to the bowl each day and use mantras to help speak your dreams into existence.


Money Bowl

Ritual Steps

  1. Grind the included herbs to create a finer mixture.

  2. Anoint a green or gold candle with this mixture or sprinkle it in a circle around the candle.

  3. Meditate with your intentions for good luck and prosperity.

  4. Place the candle in a holder in a safe space, light the candle, and allow it to burn to completion.


Money Bowl

Ritual Steps

  1. Cleanse a small jar.

  2. Set abundant intentions and record them on a small piece of paper that can be rolled up.

  3. Add your intention and the herbs in your ritual kit to the jar.

  4. If desired, add a bay leaf and cloves.

  5. Carry this jar with you as a reminder of all that you’d like to welcome into your life.

Divine Love Ritual Kit

Divine Love is Always Available to Me


What Does Divine Love Mean?
When we talk about “Divine Love” we are not invoking a specific deity, rather the state of pure, unconditional acceptance from the universe.

Invocations for Self-Love
We’ve created three rituals for you that help you love your body, mind, and spirit. The Divine Love Ritual Kit provides all the herbs, oil, and jars you need to complete them! 💖

Our Divine Love Ritual Kit comes with instructions for the rituals listed below. Head to our Instagram page to see our resident love goddess show you the magic!


Make this luxurious moisturizer. While you are performing the ritual of making it, think about all of the ways your body supports you. When rubbing it on, offer thanks to your body.

Self Love Body Oil

Ritual Steps

  1. Fill the heart jar with ½ tsp each of dried rose, lavender & hibiscus.
  2. Add the grapeseed oil, ensuring that the herbs are covered. Leave at least an inch between the mixture and the top of the jar.
  3. Set in a sunny place and allow it to sit for 2-3 weeks, shaking once a day.
  4. When ready, thoroughly strain and place the mixture in a new clean jar.

*Oil is shelf-stable for approximately 6 months. 

Rest and reflect in a bath with this ritual blend. Rose petals help heal emotional wounds and increase courage and confidence. Lavender represents silence and devotion and hibiscus added to this blend increases the spark of fullness and wonder.

Feeling Rosy Bath Tea

Ritual Steps

  1. As you are filling a bath, steep the rose, lavender, and hibiscus in a tea strainer for 5–10 minutes. You can also allow the herbs to steep in your bath directly (if you don’t mind the cleanup!) or, if you have a bag that allows for easy circulation.
  2. After steeping, pour the tea into your bath.
  3. Set crystals around your bath and focus on calling happiness, love and self-respect

Amplify the magic: Use your Self-Love Body Oil after your bath to continue to welcome in love and kindness.

We spend so much time putting compassion into the world, sometimes, we need to create the time and space to allow ourselves to call compassion to ourselves. This ritual helps recharge your battery. Sitting with a candle and focusing on compassion for oneself for the entire burn allows you to turn your abundant light and compassion inward as well. 💖

Calling in Compassion Ritual

Ritual Steps

  1. Grab a chime or tea light candlepink, white, or red colors are perfect for this ritual.
  2. Dress your candle in a small amount of grapeseed oil and the dried herbs of your choice.
  3. Sit in meditation and call in the compassion and positivity that you would like to welcome into your life.
  4. When you feel ready, light the candle in a safe space and allow it to burn to completion.

Bonus Rituals

We show you how to perform rituals all the time on our Instagram page, so be sure to follow along. Here are a couple more to get you started.

Imbue your accessories with positive energy with an intention that will amplify to the world when you wear it. In this ritual we use the SoulKu Rose Quartz Necklace for Love, but you can perform this with any jewelry piece you choose.

Calling in Compassion Ritual

Ritual Steps

  1. To place a beauty enchantment on a necklace you are going to start by facing north and placing the necklace in a bowl of rose and rose quartz.
  2. You'll then say:
    By passage of earth, I am divinely beautiful.
  3. Then, facing east, you'll light some incense and pass the necklace through the smoke while saying:
    By passage of air, I think clearly.
  4. Facing the south now, you'll light a candle and pass the necklace safely over the flame while saying:
    By passage of fire, I invoke my desire.
  5. And finally, while facing west you're going to place your necklace in a bit of moon water while saying:
    By passage of water, my heart is full of love.

For all of our Love Witches out there, here is a Self Love Potions Ritual. We're using the absolutely decadent Elements Truffles Rose Cocoa Drinking Chocolate, from our February Goddess of Love Box for this super simple + super sweet ritual!

Calling in Compassion Ritual

All You Need Is:
☕️ A mug
🍫 Some vegan hot chocolate
🥀 A few red or pink rose petals
💎 A piece of rose quartz
📃🖊 Pen + paper

Ritual Steps

  1. Begin by cleansing your space and your mug.
  2. Add the rose petals to the bottom of the mug and smell their sweet scent as you add them.
  3. Write a love letter to yourself! (And don't be afraid to really lay it on thick 🥰) Place the letter beneath the mug.
  4. Placing your hands over or around the mug, and while envisioning a glowing light around your heart expanding, channel this energy into the mug.
  5. Make the rose hot chocolate, while reflecting on what you wrote in your love letter. Add the hot chocolate to the empty mug.
  6. As you sip, hold the rose quartz in your hand and meditate on the sensations of enjoying the warm drink!

A curated collection to help you access the magick all around you