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2 years ago

Goddess Blog

Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Moonstone Magic

At Goddess Provisions, we take our crystal collections seriously! While we could never choose just one, Moonstone is definitely an all around crowd favorite!

2 years ago

Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Moonstone Magic by Goddess Provisions

2 years ago

To share some knowledge about this beautiful crystal ally, we have Alicia Siebert, founder of Arabella Crystals, here to elucidate the healing energy of moonstone.

Rainbow Moonstone is a transparent Labradorite that's closely related to feldspar mineral. It is a milky white, iridescent stone with shimmering hues of blue, purple, and sometimes warmer hues of yellow and orange. It gets its shimmer from a property of gemstones known as adularescence.

Energetically, moonstone can strengthen your connection to your inner goddess by amplifying your intuition, dreams, and feminine energy.


Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Moonstone Magic by Goddess Provisions

Holding Moonstone and gazing into its swirl of colors and white light can bring the mind, body, and spirit closer to serenity. As an incredibly high vibrational stone, when Moonstone is used during meditation, it can bring you closer to your inner goddess and increase psychic abilities.


Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Moonstone Magic by Goddess Provisions

As a promoter of hope, confidence, and faith, moonstone is a key tool to help you achieve your dreams. Moonstone's drive to embrace success goes hand-in-hand when letting your intuition take the wheel. Trust. Allow. Receive.

Feminine Energy

Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Moonstone Magic by Goddess Provisions

This beautiful stone strengthens womanhood, helps you embrace femininity, and aligns you with your natural rhythm. The pearliness of the stone holds the resonance of the moon, making it a wonderful tool to include in all of your moon related rituals.  

A Moonstone Meditation:

Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Moonstone Magic by Goddess Provisions

First, light your favorite candle and hold your moonstone close. Next, close your eyes and imagine yourself on a quiet beach.Feel your breathe slow down as you draw your focus to the rising moon.  

Ask yourself, “How do I allow myself to draw inspiration from the moon? What do I have to offer it in return?” Watch as the moon grows larger and listen as the waves roll in closer to you. The moon is offering you something. What is it? Think about it, embrace it, and let the moon take control.

When you’re aligned with the moon and its tides, your actions will be enlightened and inspired. Remember that everything happens energetically before it occurs physically.

To connect with the power of the moon, join our Moon Wisdom Club to receive the guidance, rituals, inspiration, and support you need to sync with the Moon and tune in with the astrological influences each month.

Thank you to the moon and back, Alicia, for sharing this magical moonstone knowledge. Alicia Siebert founded Arabella Crystals when she was 17 years old with the desire to provide like-minded spiritual individuals with an array of healing crystals and eco-friendly soy candles.

Each candle is hand-poured, scented with fine fragrances and essential oils, and contains a crystal. All of Arabella Crystals' creations are infused with the energetics of sacred geometry, the zodiac, crystals, and the chakras.


To add a new crystal friend like Moonstone to your collection each month, subscribe to our monthly Goddess Provisions Box.

Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tell us how you like to incorporate moonstone into your moon related rituals.