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2 years ago

Goddess Blog

The Best Indie Oracle & Tarot Decks of 2021

Finding your new favorite tarot or oracle deck is always an adventure. Check out our top Indie decks for this year, and maybe even discover your new favorite.

2 years ago

The Best Indie Oracle & Tarot Decks of 2021 by Goddess Provisions

2 years ago

As more and more people awaken in the collective, they are turning to divinatory practices such as pulling cards for guidance and answers to their questions. To help you find some unique decks that may call to you, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite Indie decks for 2021.

The Sacred Self-Care Oracle Deck

The Best Indie Oracle & Tarot Decks of 2021 by Goddess Provisions

Practice self-care every day with The Sacred Self-Care Oracle & Guidebook by Jill Pyle, CEO & Co-Founder of Goddess Provisions. Use this deck in a way that suits you the best, whether that's pulling a card for daily self-care inspiration, pulling a spread to see what you should focus on, or turning to the guidebook for additional mantras and journal prompts. These cards act as a powerful healing tool for the modern spiritual seeker that gives you permission to put self-care at the top of your to-do list.

This 55-card deck features whimsical illustrations by Tatiana Vedenkina on matte cards for a luxurious feel. The 90+ page guidebook provides insight on each card's meaning, as well as additional material to help you channel further insight and reflection.

Accurate AF Tarot Deck

The Best Indie Oracle & Tarot Decks of 2021 by Goddess Provisions

Explore the pastel universe of your dreams with the Accurate AF Tarot Deck. Guided by symbolism, this deck calls to your intuitive powers to truly interpret each card. With the help of the digital guidebook, this deck urges you to go beyond the text and search within to find what the cards mean to you. They extend a gentle invitation for you to dive deeper into your relationship with yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Created by Prism + Fleur, this sweet deck contains 78 round cards with a stunning pink velvet matte finish, gold foil highlights, and gold gilded edges. The cards are also vegan and cruelty-free and are printed on sustainably sourced paper.

For Strange Women Botanical Oracle Deck

The Best Indie Oracle & Tarot Decks of 2021 by Goddess Provisions

Inspired by flora, fauna, and mysticism, this enchanting botanical oracle deck calls out to the inner green witch in you. For Strange Women is illustrated by Ash Miyagawa and brings you a vintage and elegant-looking deck, perfect for displaying on any altar space. Attached to these images are simple phrases that can allow for easy-to-understand readings for questions on your relationships, decisions, or any moments in need of clarity.

With matte cards and gold gilded edges, this 53-card deck will not disappoint. It also comes with a reference book to help interpret your oracle spreads further. The creator has three favorite ways to use the cards: a 1-card spread, 3-card spread, and 5-card spread, which you can learn more about here.

Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck

The Best Indie Oracle & Tarot Decks of 2021 by Goddess Provisions

The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck's radiance speaks for itself. The black and white illustrations are accompanied by vibrant luminescence displayed on the back of the cards, tying into the creator's inspiration for the deck about how we interact with light and the phases of the moon. A sister deck to the Golden Thread Tarot, these cards focus on what you can radiate outwards versus looking within.

This 78-card deck comes with access to the Labyrinthos Tarot app, which is completely free and supported by the purchases of the tarot decks. In this app, you'll be able to find tarot meanings, custom spreads for the phases of the moon, and even guided readings with the deck of your choice.

Astrology Oracle Deck

The Best Indie Oracle & Tarot Decks of 2021 by Goddess Provisions

Combining astrology with card reading, the Astrology Oracle Deck by Labyrinthos can take your pulls to the next level. Formally titled Claves Astrologicae de Iris Sacra (translated from Latin as roughly "Astrological Keys of the Sacred Rainbow), these cards can help you channel the cosmos while bringing inspiration and guidance into your everyday life. With vintage-inspired artwork and packaging, these cards connect the reader to an ancient past with a refreshed interpretation. Created for anyone interested in exploring astrology, learn as you go or refresh your memory as you use this beautiful deck.

This deck contains 45 gold-edged cards that include the 12 astrological signs and houses, 11 planets, 8 moon phases, and 2 eclipses. It also comes with an accompanying app that dives into the card meanings, digital spreads, and can act as a journal for reflection and notes for future readings.

Cosmic Guidance Oracle Deck

The Best Indie Oracle & Tarot Decks of 2021 by Goddess Provisions

This magical celestial deck can offer gentle guidance to help you find the answers you are searching for. The Cosmic Guidance Oracle Deck was created by Annie Tarasova with endless love, to bring a deck to practitioners with the intention to help them connect to their intuition and the universe. The violet color of the cards is meant to represent the crown chakra, while each of the images on the cards was intuitively created with deeper symbolism and meaning. This deck is divided into three suits—Action, Meaning and Message. Action cards advise you on what to do, Meaning cards explain what your situation means, and Message cards tell you what the universe wants you to know.

The 42-card deck features shimmering silver details and silver edges. It also comes with a guidebook to help you explore the messages relayed in the cards.
Practicing with tarot and oracle decks is a great way for you to connect with yourself, your intuition and your guides. There’s no right or wrong way to pull cards, so have fun as you explore and learn more about your deck. We hope that one of these has sparked your interest and you continue to find the spiritual tools that help you in the best way possible!

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