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4 Ways to Deepen your Tarot Practice

Reading tarot cards is a powerful way to receive divine guidance and tap into your inner knowing. Keep reading to discover four ways to deepen your connection to your tarot cards and amplify the magic that lives within you! 

A year ago

4 Ways to Deepen your Tarot Practice

A year ago

Tarot cards are a powerful form of divination that can help you connect deeply to your intuition and to the divinity of the universe. Reading tarot can not only inform you of the past, present, and future, but the messages received can also guide you on your healing journey and help you access the highest and truest parts of yourself. This practice can take time to develop; there are many things that you can do to begin deepening your connection to your cards. 

 Energetic Hygiene and Tarot

1. Practice Energetic Hygiene 

As a tarot reader, having a clear energetic channel within yourself can help you to better receive divine guidance and tap into your own intuition. Having a daily energy clearing ritual can help clear any stagnant or unwanted energy from your body, spirit, and aura. Practicing energy clearing before a tarot reading is also a powerful way to set boundaries and invoke spiritual protection. With your intention in mind, you could burn sacred herbs, scan your body with a selenite wand, or use an instrument to clear your energy. 

As well, practicing energetic hygiene with your tarot cards is a beautiful way to prepare them. You could use the same methods of energetic clearing on your cards as you do with yourself. A popular method of tarot card cleansing is to knock on your deck three times to release stagnant energy and set them with intention.

Tarot Journal

2. Create a Daily Practice

Create a daily tarot practice to allow yourself the sacred time and space to learn your cards. Having a daily tarot practice is a great way to devote yourself to learning the imagery and messaging of tarot as well as learning to navigate your own intuition. This practice could be as simple as pulling one card a day. You can learn all about the card by taking a look at the artwork, the symbolism, reading the description from the guidebook, and looking at how the card informs your intention or question for that reading. 

As you do this, journalling and taking notes can help you to track the information you learn and the intuitive downloads that you receive. You could do this with any type of journal including our Labyrinthos Tarot Workbook which provides prompts, astrological details, and other correspondences! 

3. Find your Favorite Deck

When reading tarot, it’s great to have a go-to deck. This can be a deck that you have developed a connection with and that allows you to channel messages and wisdom seamlessly. Working with a deck that speaks to you, and helps you tap into your intuition more deeply, can amplify the guidance you receive. This deck can become your partner so to speak; your connection to it can bring you clarity and confidence in your readings. As well, having a deck that you know so well can provide you with a meaningful foundation when learning to read other tarot decks!

Advanced Tip: Try also connecting with a mini tarot deck and learning its imagery and messaging. This can assist you greatly when you’re in need of clarifying messages or perhaps when traveling!

Clarifying Tarot Cards

4.  Use Clarifying Cards

Have you ever been reading a tarot card and wanted more information on the message you were receiving? Pulling a secondary card for clarity and validation can bring you more precise messages. To do this, you could pull another tarot card and lay it on top of your original card. Using a mini tarot card can be really helpful when pulling a secondary card because it doesn’t disrupt your layout. Another way to receive clarifying messages is to pull an oracle card and allow its messaging to support and amplify your original card.

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