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Goddess Blog

Solar Energy Water Magic

Are you looking for a way to incorporate solar energy magic into your daily life and rituals? Then sun elixirs could be the answer for you!


A year ago

Solar Energy Water Magic

A year ago

Sun elixirs are a great way to infuse solar energy into your water! You can pair your elixir with herbs and crystals to create magical drinking water and water for rituals. Sun elixirs are also super easy to conjure and a beautiful way to incorporate the elements into your magic. 

During the Summer Solstice, the sun overpowers the moon to create the longest day of the year. During the summer months, the solar energy will be strong and we can draw upon that to uplift and energize ourselves and our magical workings.

We’ve crafted a recipe for you to make a sun elixir that amplifies your intentions and manifestations. Though, you can absolutely use our recipe as a baseline for your own unique crafting. 

What you’ll need:

  • Intention for manifestations
  • The Sun tarot card 
  • Glass water bottle/container (we used our crystal water bottle with a secret compartment—we definitely recommend using only glass or a BPA-free bottle)
  • Purified water (specifically if drinking)
  • Dried herbs or incense for cleansing
  • Crystals: Citrine (water-safe), Mookaite (not water-safe), Carnelian (water-safe)
  • Herbs: Chamomile, Honeysuckle, Lemon balm

What to do:

To begin, reflect on the intentions and manifestations that you want to amplify with this working. Then, write down your intentions and desired manifestations on a piece of paper.

Next, pull the Sun card from your favorite tarot deck and lay it face up. 

Cleanse your glass water container/bottle and all your ingredients, including your water, for this working. We chose to use an incense stick so we could cleanse all the way to the bottom of our bottle. 

For your water container, crystals, and herbs, you have several options.

  1. Use a container and place your herbs and crystals directly into the water and then strain it afterwards. If you do this, make sure the crystals you’ve chosen are water-safe. If you use our recipe, place your mookaite beside your water, rather than in it.
  1. Place your herbs in your water and your crystals beside it. With the help of your intentions, the crystal energy will be directed to your water. This is a great idea if you’re using crystals that are not water-safe, like mookaite.
  1. Use a water bottle with a crystal chamber, so the energy of your ingredients is directed towards your water. We’re using our Goddess Provisions crystal water bottle and placed our herbs and crystals in its chamber.

    To amplify the solar energy in this working, we also used our sun spoon to scoop our herbs!

sun spoon

Next, place your paper with your intentions and manifestations close to your water. For example, we’re placing our paper in the crystal chamber of our water bottle but you could also place it underneath or beside your water.

Once you have assembled your elixir in the way that best suits you, place it on top of your Sun card and let it sit in the sun so it can absorb the solar energy. You can place it outside or on a window sill. Then, once the sun goes down, your elixir is ready!

How to use a sun elixir:

  1. Drink it! (keep your water-safe crystals in mind)
  2. Use it in your rituals and spells to represent the elements
  3. Anoint yourself and your magical tools with it
  4. Water your plants with it
  5. Cleanse your magical tools with it
Check out our reel demonstrating this water magic sun elixir!