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Mercury Retrograde Journal: Your Guide Back Home to Your Inner Goddess

The Mercury Retrograde Journal is an innovative spiritual tool to help you travel through one of the most anticipated astrological cycles with ease while you reconnect with your divine feminine power and wisdom.

2 years ago

Mercury Retrograde Journal: Your Guide Back Home to Your Inner Goddess

2 years ago

Does this sound familiar?

You are late for a meeting. But you need just a few minutes to finish that email and suddenly your computer crashes! While you desperately press the enter button with your other hand, you are trying to find your keys on the table when you accidentally spill your coffee! 

As much as this moment might feel like you are losing your mind, don't worry! You are not clumsy or forgetful! It's just that time of the year when anything out of the blue can simply go wrong: It's Mercury retrograde (sigh of relief)!

Mercury Retrograde: The Old Trickster in Action or Something Else?

Instead of thinking that Mercury retrograde is just a way the Universe is playing tricks with you, consider this time as an invitation to slow down and reconnect with the most secluded parts of your soul. It transforms the experience of Mercury retrograde.

Your mind is like a garden. Every thought you think is a seed of experience that transforms into your reality. And often, a flower that blooms in our "garden" is not a flower representing our true self, but a reflection of what others expect us to be. As much as it can be a beautiful garden, those flourishing blossoms don't portray the full beauty of who you truly are. During Mercury retrograde, we have the opportunity to dig deep into our subconscious mind and "pluck out the weeds," discovering our authentic self below the layers of what society and our environment told us we should be.

This is the time when we can take a journey inward and reflect on our lives. Are we progressing towards our goal, or is something preventing us from moving forward? Is something missing? What parts of our lives seek more attention and care from us? It is about remembering the essence of your soul and your core values. It is about embracing your inner shadow and finding the courage to let the light in.

Mercury Retrograde Journal: Your Guide Back Home to Your Inner Goddess

The Mercury Retrograde Journal was developed exactly for those reasons. It is a tool dedicated to women to help motivate them to dig deep into their roots and awaken their inner goddess; to find true strength and power. This journal will guide you on how to give nourishment to all the parts of yourself you might have neglected in the past and finally blossom into your most magnificent self.

As Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year, you can consider this nudge from the Universe as your quarterly reminder to check in with yourself, where you are, and where you want to be. What we experience on the physical plane is just a reflection of what is happening internally. When in retrograde, Mercury, like any other planet, only appears to be going backward. But it acts like a mirror that the Universe wants us to look in. During those three weeks in retrograde, Mercury brings into our awareness people, situations, issues, and opportunities that we need to work through.

The journal included in the May Mercury Retrograde Kit is equipped with all the information you need to prepare for the retrograde, so there are no surprises! It will help you embrace and attune to the natural cycles of the Universe and how this period can be an empowering time to focus on your growth and reinvent yourself.

This journal has got you covered, from all the juicy details and tips on how to survive Mercury retrograde to supporting rituals and meditations. It is jam-packed with thought-provoking prompts and information to guide you through the retrograde while helping you put your life back on track.

How to Use Mercury Retrograde Journal

The journal is divided into two sections. The first section includes the explanation of the astrological meaning and significance of Mercury retrograde and guides you through how to work on your self-growth. Here you will find additional information on how to prepare for Mercury retrograde, special rituals, card readings with affirmations, how to use Mercury retrograde to enhance your spirituality, a Mercury retrograde survival plan, and much more.

The second part of the journal includes pages with writing space and prompts for three Mercury retrograde cycles (which covers one whole year). This is your intimate, sacred space where you can write, doodle, sketch (or use beautiful illustrations for coloring patterns) - whatever inspires you to awaken the parts of you that might be blocked and are called to work on.

For 21 days (the period that Mercury is usually retrograde), use this journal and discover areas of your life where you can release, dream, and bloom into your most authentic self.

The Mercury Retrograde Journal emerged out of my own many years-long astrological practice and personal need to have a meaningful self-care routine to which I can be devoted to and that has a positive impact on my wellbeing. I hope you will enjoy using this journal as much as I did creating it. Ignite your magic by aligning with the mystical power of the Universe!



Maja is the founder and resident astrologer at, a cosmic sanctuary for women that offers stellar guidance, teachings and tools on how to manifest an amazing – astroglorious life.

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