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2 years ago

Goddess Blog

Lessons from The Sun

The Sun is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards found within a standard 78-card tarot deck. Learn more about what this card means and what it can hold within a reading.

2 years ago

Lessons from The Sun

2 years ago

One of the happier of the 22 Major Arcana cards within a traditional tarot deck, The Sun can, in many ways, truly shine a light on happiness in your life. This card is very warm and happy and can encourage you to keep pushing through whatever roadblocks may have come into your life. Learn more about what it can mean when you pull this card in your spread and its wisdom that you can always come back to.

Happiness is Available to You

The Sun, in many ways, regardless of tarot, is a symbol of happiness. The physical warmth and presence of the Sun in our lives are sometimes even enough to feel those positive effects. This is a great reminder that happiness is available to you. While it can be hard to wrap your head around the idea, the Universe has your best interest at heart. In some beliefs, we sign soul contracts that connect us to people and lessons that will allow our souls to continue to grow into the highest version of ourselves. As we overcome these lessons, we continue to approach opportunities that can fuel the soul. Remember that this is always available to you and that you can manifest experiences for yourself that brings you inner warmth and allows you to grow.

You Are Worthy of a Joy-Filled Life

Along with happiness being available to you, it’s important to remember that you are worthy of a life filled with joy. Whether you pull this card in a spread or choose to carry these themes with you in life, know that the Universe is your biggest fan and wants to provide you with reminders of that. You are worthy of and deserve a life that can allow your dreams to blossom. Creating a vision board or using positive daily affirmations are a few great ways to embody this belief and speak this magic into existence.

You Can Bring Good Fortune Into Your Life

Manifesting abundance into your life is another lesson that The Sun can remind you of. Abundance doesn’t just mean financial prosperity, even though that can play a large part in that manifestation. Abundance can look like happiness, health, and opportunities that you enjoy and that allow you to grow. Using affirmations or creating an altar dedicated to good fortune is a great way to start this practice and this active reminder for your life. Adding pyrite, coins, and green candles to this altar are all perfect pieces to build the foundation upon. Life is all about balance, so it’s important to remember the different ways that abundance can be present with you.

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