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3 years ago

Goddess Blog

How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual

A bath is seemingly simple, but it is truly a transformative ritual for the body, mind and soul. Water is a conductor of energy, a purifying life-force, a shapeshifting necessity. So, when you use the powerful forces in water to take a bath, you are literally submerging yourself in sanctified water that has been prayed over, given intention, anointed and activated with magic.

3 years ago

How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual

3 years ago

Bath rituals are an important way to cleanse your body and refresh your aura after coming into contact with different energies, people and experiences. At Goddess Provisions take self-care seriously and wanted to share one of our favorite practices with you. Read on for some steps you can follow to create the perfect bath ambiance and your own sacred ritual. 

Set Your Intention

How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

The first step to this immersive experience is recognizing the intention of your bath. You really want to come ready and prepared with why you are taking part in this ritual.

Do you want to renew your spirits? Attract abundance? Heal yourself? Awaken new possibilities? This choice is completely personal and special to your current circumstances and it is helpful to take a few moments to set the intentions of your bath in order to create a more fulfilling experience.

Set The Time

How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

Carving out a set time for your sacred ritual is very helpful as well, especially if you do not want to be interrupted or rushed through this special time. Aligning your rituals with certain times may also be something you want to consider.

You might want to perform these rituals during certain days of the week, during a full moon or a new moon, during certain planetary alignments or during special days for yourself, like a special birthday or anniversary event. Regardless, this ritual is meant to highlight you and your presence in the moment.

 Prepare Your Spiritual Toolbox

How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

Now that you have decided the intention of your bath ritual, it is important to gather the supplies. Bath salts, herbs, Florida water and different essential oils can be added to the water of your bath to create restorative and healing waters. Using your favorite incense or candles is another great way to create a full-circle experience and awaken all of your senses.

Adding crystals to your bath routine is a key way to fully immerse yourself in your bath ritual. Surrounding your bath with your precious stones or submerging them in your bath with you (double-check that you are using a crystal that is safe to put into water) makes for a magical experience as it adds the qualities of those crystals to your sacred water.


How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

Now, what exactly are they? Crystals contain atoms and particles that are arranged in such a way that they send high vibrational energy through these pieces of stone. Crystals help to raise your vibrations because they vibrate at such a high frequency due to their physical composition.

It is beneficial to include these stones into your bath rituals as they promote physical, spiritual and emotional healing, and interact with the chakras and energy fields within to help you realign with yourself.

Raise Your Vibration

How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

As we are constantly exposed to low vibrational things (people, objects etc), we must always protect our personal energies because the energies around us interact and impact our personal energy levels. Rather than carrying these stones in our daily lives, submerging yourself in the energetic properties these crystals possess allows a deeper connection to both yourself and the world around you.

Choosing Your Crystals

How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

If you are a beginner with crystals or are unsure of what exactly you may be looking for, walk around if you’re in a physical store or scroll through online shops to see what you feel drawn to. This powerful search is limitless and open to every searching soul. Here are a few of our favorite bath crystals you might consider if they call to you:

 Rose Quartz

How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and infinite peace. This is the most important crystal for the heart chakra and for individuals seeking to act through love. Whether this is for attracting or developing a deeper love with yourself or someone else, this is a very powerful crystal for manifesting love.

Incorporating this crystal into your bah ritual can help draw away any negative energy carried throughout the day and replace it with loving, positive energy. This stone is extremely powerful with positive affirmations relating to yourself and others. So while you soak away, repeat these phrases to yourself: “I am worthy of love, I am deserving of love, I act through love, I am love.”

Rainbow Moonstone

How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

Rainbow Moonstone cleanses the psyche and spreads energy through the aura. This stone strongly aids in psychic perception and intuition, bringing things into your vision and subconscious mind that may have not been visible to you before.

Taking these few moments in the bath, explore these energies and reflect on the hidden layers of your life that were never made apparent to you.


How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

Opalite is a high energy stone that is ideal for meditation and communication. More specifically, this stone allows you to access spiritual connection with your higher self and the spirits that guide you through all walks of life.

Directly confront your true emotions, remove any spiritual blockages and navigate through difficult but necessary emotional transitions while submerging yourself in the healing properties of this crystal.


How to Perform A Sacred Bath Ritual Goddess Provisions

Amethyst purifies and protects your energy field from negative attachments, influences and low vibrations. This stone acts as a natural tranquilizer and returns a sense of wholeness to your routine. So, adding this stone to your sacred ritual is a great way to wind down, recharge and give yourself a new sense of purpose.

Once you’re all set, step into your water and imagine yourself submerged within the intentions you have set for yourself. Envision yourself fully embodying that which you want to bring to yourself. Awaken the goddess within, connect with your divine feminine power and emerge from your sacred water fully renewed and transformed.

Shout out to Kat from @crystalbarsoap for this amazing tutorial. Find one of their deliciously magical bath bombs in our Crystal Energy Box

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