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Goddess Blog

Herbal Remedies: Using Spagyrics to Go Deeper with Plants

Our plant allies have deep knowledge and power that extend far beyond the human understanding. We can turn to them to share their wisdom and healing capabilities to work in harmony with their magic. Tonics made with these plants can nourish your organs, detoxify your body, and enhance physical, energetic, and spiritual wellness.

2 years ago

Using Spagyrics to Go Deeper with Plants  by Goddess Provisions

2 years ago

We welcome our friends from Paragon Elixirs to educate us on the alchemical process that transmutes the vibrancy of our plant allies into the form of a tonic without losing any of the medicinal value.

Spagyric (spa-gee-rik) is a word most of us have not heard before, but it refers to a type of herbal extract that you will love to become acquainted with.

The word “spagyric” was derived from the Ancient Greek σπάω (spao), meaning "to draw out" and ἀγείρω (ageiro), meaning "to gather.” It refers to an alchemical preparation which, when taken with intention and deep listening, brings us into deeper relationship with the natural world.

Using Spagyrics to Go Deeper with Plants  by Goddess Provisions

Ancient alchemy recognizes three philosophical principles which are common to everything in manifest creation, be it material or immaterial. These are universal functions expressed by all of existence, including the plant and animal worlds.

In alchemical terms, the three principals are known as the Spirit (Mercury), Soul (Sulfur), and Body (Salt).

A spagyric is produced based on the expression of those principles within the plant kingdom. In plants, the principals are expressed in the essential oil, alcohol (fermentation or tincture), and mineral salts. The process to make spagyrics involves the separation and purification of these principles, using a series of extraction methods.

After the extractions are complete, the principals are recombined to interact in their newly purified forms, leaving very minimal plant material to waste.

Using Spagyrics to Go Deeper with Plants  by Goddess Provisions

Working with spagyrics provides an opportunity to connect deeply with a plant or plants of your choice, with both subtle and strong effects experienced in the body, mind, and spirit.

The alchemical approach effectively combines the elements of the whole plant medicinally and energetically. Additionally, the medicinal compounds become more bioavailable (readily absorbed by the body), and the duration of activity in the body is increased. You only need a few drops (usually 5-10), to receive a full medicinal dose.

When you take a spagyric tincture or elixir, you are receiving the deep wisdom of the plant in body, mind, and soul, through all layers of your being.

To begin working with spagyric preparations, consider your aims and interests for a deeper dive with particular plants. Each plant in the natural world provides many layers of medicine, or wisdom.

Using Spagyrics to Go Deeper with Plants  by Goddess Provisions

There are spagyric preparations of flowers, medicinal mushrooms, longevity herbs, and more. You can find spagyrics made to help enhance meditation, relieve stress and anxiety, or support energetic efforts such as setting boundaries and unblocking creativity.

We recommend approaching spagyrics as a simple but powerful tool to enrich your existing practices. A few drops of spagyrics on the tongue, or in any beverage, can provide a window into the world of that plant, and open a dialogue for a new relationship with that plant to blossom.

Taken before any sort of meditation, physical practice, or creative session will help to bring the plant deeply into your body and mind.

Using Spagyrics to Go Deeper with Plants  by Goddess Provisions
  • Take a moment to set or align with an intention.
  • Give yourself several breaths to invite and welcome the plant into your day.
  • Pay attention throughout your practice and your day, and take note of any new insights or observations that float into your consciousness.

Spend your day in touch with the wisdom of nature, no matter where you are.

Big thanks to the alchemists at Paragon Elixirs for explaining the magic of spagyrics and sharing their knowledge with us. 

Paragon Elixirs makes spagyric tinctures with the intention of sharing the deep wisdom of the plant world with as many makers, healers, artists, and visionaries as possible. Their aim is to bring plant consciousness to the people through a wide range of  tinctures with unique individual plants as well as original blends.


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