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Goddess Blog

Creating Your Future with Anointing Oils

Did you know that one of the questions psychics, astrologers, and tarot readers get asked about the most is the future? That’s right, for as long as humans have been looking to the cosmos for guidance, they have been trying to sneak a glimpse into their futures and what might await them. What if there was a way to manifest your ideal future? Hello to the power of anointing oils!

2 years ago

Creating Your Future with Anointing Oils Goddess Provisions

2 years ago

If you're looking for a way to further set your intentions in your meditations or spellwork, you may want to give anointing a try. Anointing is an ancient tradition used in a variety of religions and cultures. It requires the use of an anointing oil, which has been created with a specific purpose in mind using an assortment of herbs, oil bases, flowers, essential oils, resins, and/or color magic. A candle or chakra point is dressed with a specific intention in mind, which could be anything from love, protection, banishing, health, prosperity, etc.

It's All in the Details

Creating Your Future with Anointing Oils Goddess Provisions

The key to manifestation is using all the pieces of the process to your advantage. This includes the type of oil you use, the color of the candle, and any additional fragrances. If you're trying to attract prosperity into your life, you could use a candle that’s green, gold, yellow, or orange. Essential oils that coincide with prosperity could be added to the oil base, such as cinnamon, myrrh, sandalwood, orange, bergamot, frankincense, or clove. If it's love you're trying to attract, you could choose pink or red coloring to add to the oil and use rose essential oil or rose flower petals. Mica powder could also be added to a plain candle if you are unable to access colored ones.

Creating Your Future with Anointing Oils Goddess Provisions

Simple Candle Anointing Tips + Spell Tricks to Craft Your Future

  • You will be creating an intention/spell that brings things to you, not away from you, as in some banishing rituals.
  • Cleanse your candle however you’d like before use.
  • Now you’re ready to anoint.
  • Remember, the purpose of anointing candles is to infuse your personal energy and intent into the candle.
  • Choose the candle color and associated herbs or essential oils for your future intention.
  • Envision your specific future goal and imagine having already obtained the goal, and how happy you are about it. Most importantly, come to realize what tangible steps you can take in real life to make this goal happen and what obstacles might be standing in your way. 
  • Carve any sigils or inspiring words onto the candle.
  • Tune into your third eye chakra to open the doors to the future within yourself by meditating on the color purple. Feel it circling at your third eye point faster and faster until it feels unblocked. Sungazing can help if you’re having trouble unlocking.

Creating Your Future with Anointing Oils Goddess Provisions

  • After opening your third eye and envisioning your future goal, place a few drops of oil onto the candle and your fingertips, and rub the oil down on the candle to attract. If you were banishing, you would move upward. 
  • Light the candle and place it in a safe area. Take your time and meditate on the flame and use your body and breath to go deeper.
  • If your desire is for an immediate future outcome, use a small candle and just let it burn out. If it’s a longer manifestation process, use a larger candle and snuff the flame out after 10-15 minutes, then continue to light it each day until the intention/spell has finished. Do not blow out the candle at any point—use a snuffer or fan instead.
  • Once the wax is melted and cooled, you can either keep it in a jar or bury it in your yard. Once the intention has manifested, you can discard the wax or decide to keep it longer.
  • If you have extra anointing oil, you can rub a little on your hands each morning and bring your mind back to your future intention.

Creating Your Future with Anointing Oils Goddess Provisions

The future is full of limitless possibilities, but the intentions you set for yourself can help you to bring those possibilities to life. Anointing oils are just one of the many tools you can use to help you create your ultimate future vision that you have for your life.

Here’s to all of our best futures!

Blessed Be.

Hayley May

Hayley is the owner of The Coal Miner’s Daughter, a vegan, all-natural line of handcrafted spiritual and beauty products. She has been a practicing Witch for over 20 years and incorporates her practice and positive intentions into everything she creates. You can follow the magic she shares on Instagram @witchofthewildflowers

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