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How to Spiritually Connect With Your Charm Casting Kit

Spiritually connecting with your charm casting kit can deepen your relationship with the charms and expand your readings. Our resident charm caster, Wisteria Witch, is here to show you how to maintain a healthy relationship with your kit and discover new ways that the charms may speak to you.

A year ago

How to Spiritually Connect With Your Charm Casting Kit

A year ago

Charm casting, or cleromancy, is a form of sortition - or a casting of lots. This form of divination has roots all around the globe! But, interwoven throughout all of the different cultures, spiritual organizations, and communities that practice cleromancy is a reverence for the charms or items that are being cast. By connecting with the charms, you will find that your readings become more potent, more expansive, and more personal!

Personalizing Your Charm Kit

charm casting kit available at goddess provisions

Whether you have the Goddess Provisions Charm Casting Kit or would like to create your own, adding personalized pieces to your kit can truly enhance your connection to the charms. Try asking your intuition to guide you to any charms or small items (think dice, figurines, pins or buttons, jewelry, stones, acorns, etc) that would like to be in your kit. Once you’ve gathered a few items, take a moment to thank each piece for joining your kit and ask them what they represent. The meaning of each piece may come to you immediately or over time. Be sure to hold the charm or item to infuse it with the energy of what it’ll be representing.

“Feeding” the Kit

charm casting kit available at goddess provisions

The phrase “feeding” may sound a little vampire-ish at first, but I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds! Imagine your kit as a new friend; you may connect with them right off the bat, but it will also take time and energy to deepen your connection to one another. By spending time with your kit and sharing your energy with it, it learns how to better speak your language and vice versa. Here are some easy ways you can feed your kit:

  • Meditate with your kit
  • Carry your kit with you
  • Sleep with your kit under your pillow or near your bed
  • Pull a single charm in the morning to carry with you or journal with
  • Blow on the charms (I like to do this before each reading to “wake them up”)

Allowing Room for Change

charm casting kit available at goddess provisions

Just as we can outgrow relationships, we can lose connections with certain charms or items in our kit. If there’s a piece that hasn’t been resonating in readings, frequently bounces off the throwing cloth or table, or just feels off, it may be time to part ways with it. Similarly, the meanings of certain charms may evolve over time as well. For example, if the Bee charm in my kit suddenly feels more representative of community, rather than the meaning I’ve previously assigned it– let’s say, work – then it may be time to alter its meaning. By giving yourself room for your interpretations to change, it broadens your kit’s ability to evolve and grow with you.

General Courtesies

Charm Casting Kit available at Goddess Provisions

This final section is truly based on personal preference. I’ve found that the more reverence and sanctity I give my kit, the more in-depth and pertinent my readings become. However there are no set rules that you have to follow; you may find that certain courtesies I list below just don’t feel necessary, or that there are other courtesies you’d like to implement. As always, trust your intuition and listen to your kit!

Here are a few general courtesies that I follow when handling my kit:

  • Never allow it to sit on the floor
  • Give it “days off” (this gives the charms some time to rest and recharge)
  • Charge the charms in the moonlight
  • Regularly cleanse the kit with incense smoke, sound, or moonlight
  • Leave an offering of food or drink on sabbats/holidays

Christy Kato is the Wister Witch, our resident charm caster and social media manager at Goddess Provisions

Christy Kato, also known as Wisteria Witch, is a professional cleromancer and content conjuror focused on uplifting the magical community around her. She offers cleromancy readings and classes as a means to empower others and help them tap into their personal magic. Connect with Christy on Instagram (@wisteriawitch), TikTok (@wisteria_witch), or via her website at

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