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Goddess Blog

9 Crystals for Financial Abundance

We’ve compiled a list of nine go-to crystals you can work with to build financial abundance. Nine was intentional because, in numerology, its energetic signature is one that easily and effortlessly attracts prosperity. It’s also a ‘humanitarian’ number that’s happy to share the wealth with others.

3 years ago

9 Crystals for Financial Abundance

3 years ago

The following stones can help enhance your creativity, clear mental and emotional blocks around money, and align you with new opportunities. One or a few of these crystals will work wonders and with all nine, you're sure to concoct some serious money magic.

Quartz Cluster

9 Crystals for Financial Abundance Goddess Provisions

Clear Quartz is a powerful manifestation stone that clears the mind of self doubt and transmutes negativity into positive energy. It’s used to absorb, direct, and amplify intentions as well as to charge other crystals.

Charge with high intentions and place on your desk for success and good fortune.


9 Crystals for Financial Abundance Goddess Provisions

This golden stone of vitality enhances intellect, creativity, and drive. Its dense, grounding quality strengthens willpower as well as the ability to follow through. Pyrite is helpful for creating success in business and establishing prosperity.

Keep on your desk to infuse your work with intelligence, passion, and progress.


9 Crystals for Financial Abundance Goddess Provisions

Unakite promotes patience and persistence while supporting the elimination of unhealthy habits and thought patterns. This stone balances the compassionate heart with the driven mind, ruling over what we embrace and what we resist.

Wear this stone to release spiritual or psychological blocks around money and to remember that currency is a form of energy.


9 Crystals for Financial Abundance Goddess Provisions

This soft yellow stone carries the frequency of success, joy, and happiness. Citrine is known to awaken creativity and self-confidence which makes it ideal for artists of all kinds and anyone looking to embark on new creative pursuits.

Keep in your wallet, on your workspace, or in the prosperity corner of your home or office (back left corner when facing inward).


9 Crystals for Financial Abundance Goddess Provisions

Jade is considered to be the ultimate good luck charm when it comes to bringing prosperity and abundance into your life. It brings harmony to collaborative relationships and acts as a reminder to appreciate all that you already have.

Hold jade in your hand and visualize how money will flow into your life.

Blue Apatite

9 Crystals for Financial Abundance Goddess Provisions

An inspirer of action, Blue Apatite promotes planning in order to achieve goals and enhances motivation for accomplishing action steps. It also aids in letting go of fear and self-doubt.

Carry with you for a moon cycle to infuse your manifestations with forward movement.

Green Calcite

9 Crystals for Financial Abundance Goddess Provisions

Green Calcite helps to dissolve old energy patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back. It aids in the manifestation process by supporting one's ability to trust that what has been manifested will be received.

Place on your altar and use during meditation when working on making big shifts to your money mindset.  


9 Crystals for Financial Abundance Goddess Provisions

Jet is actually petrified wood that is smooth and black in color. It’s known to absorb negative energy and clear mental and emotional blockages, including blocks around money. It’s great for new business pursuits since it brings clarity and insights for better decision making.

Carry with you when feeling confused, overwhelmed, or stuck.

Green Aventurine

9 Crystals for Financial Abundance Goddess Provisions

Another stone to attract good luck, success, prosperity, and wealth, Green Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity.” As a soothing heart chakra stone, it helps establish trust in the abundance of the universe and supports a healthy relationship with the exchange of energy and resources.

Do a manifestation meditation starting with this stone in your receiving (non-dominant) hand and then switch to hold it in your giving (dominant) hand.

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