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3 years ago

Goddess Blog

5 Botanical Tarot and Oracle Decks Every Green Witch Will Love

The wisest witches among us know that nature holds the answers to some of life's most perplexing questions. Her knowledge often comes in quiet, simple messages that are always around us if we simply take the time to notice them. These tarot decks will help you to re-connect with Mother Earth and tune into her infinite wisdom.

3 years ago

5 Botanical Tarot and Oracle Decks Every Green Witch Will Love

3 years ago

1. For Strange Women Botanical Oracle Deck

5 Botanical and Tarot Decks Every Green Witch Will Love by Goddess Provisions

This enchanting botanical oracle deck, illustrated by Ash Miyagawa of For Strange Women Perfumery, features artwork inspired by flora, fauna, and mysticism. It allows you to connect with some of nature's small wonders like frozen lilacs, bird's nests, & violets-just to name a few! While elegant and beautifully illustrated, the messages of this deck and its' symbols are simple. These cards aim to speak to you through uncomplicated readings and straight forward messages. 

These cards were created to offer understanding into any topic you need guidance for including relationships, decisions and which path to take. 

You may read these cards in whatever style works best for you, but they were designed for relatively simple spreads making them perfect for any novice green witch. 

 2. Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle Cards

5 Botanical and Tarot Decks Every Green Witch Will Love by Goddess Provisions

Even the most "common" or simple plants have a lot to offer if we stop to pay them any mind. The plants featured in this beautifully illustrated, 40 card oracle deck are those long revered by healers and herbalists who have dedicated themselves to learning all our plant allies have to teach us.

Green witches have long looked to plants for guidance and support and this deck can be used both to learn and identify more common North American plants and to tune into what we can learn from them. If you're looking to expand your knowledge of the plants around you or interested in what they might have to say, this deck is for you!

3. The Maiden Oracle

5 Botanical and Tarot Decks Every Green Witch Will Love by Goddess Provisions

This gorgeous, vintage style deck is a great addition for anyone looking to add something a little different to their collection. It contains 68 hand-illustrated, tea-stained cards on sturdy cardstock with Antique Gold gilded edges. The content of the cards includes unique takes on the 22 major arcana, botanicals and notes on their connection to ancient mythology. 

While it does include a detailed guidebook on how to us the cards and their meanings, this deck was created with the idea that card interpretations are deeply personal and leaves a lot of room for the user to glean their own meaning from their spread. 

4. Plant Spirit Oracle Deck

5 Botanical and Tarot Decks Every Green Witch Will Love by Goddess Provisions

Your one way ticket into the incredible world of plant spirit medicine. This 50-card oracle deck will introduce you to some of North America’s most powerful plant healers. It was hand-painted by Dana O'Driscoll, author and illustrator of The Tarot of Trees and each card is printed in full color and the vivid, lively illustrations are a joy to behold.

The accompanying guidebook provides in depth knowledge of the plants featured as well as their divination meanings, how to identify them and even includes recipe and craft ideas. This manual outlines several unique card spreads and how to use the Plant Spirit Oracle as a divination system. There is even a section on more advanced oracle work that offers guidance on how to use the deck for rituals, communication with plant spirits and plant spirit journeying. It also includes very practical information on how to practice herbalism, growing plants and preparing plant medicines making it a lovely, balanced combination of mysticism and practicality.  

5. Alchemy Flower Oracle

5 Botanical and Tarot Decks Every Green Witch Will Love by Goddess Provisions

The creator of this deck combined her skills as an artist, photographer, graphic designer as well as flower farmer, healer, teacher and writer to create this visually stunning deck. It contains 48 cards, each featuring a design of a flower grown and photographed by her.

Created to strengthen your intuition and offer daily wisdom, these cards will open your eyes to the world of flowers and the messages they carry. They were made with the belief and understanding that we are all naturally intuitive and are meant to help you deepen your relationship and open lines of communication with the natural world. These cards are very versatile and can be used for a quick check in with a one card draw if you're looking for a little advice or need some direction or they can be used for more in depth spreads. 

The accompanying guidebook has directions for how to use the oracle and offers profound meanings for each flower card plus their more traditional meaning. Some even include journal prompts, exercises or links to digital guided meditations.

Oracle and Tarot cards are a fun and useful tool to tap into your own power and draw from the energy that surrounds and supports you. Wherever you find yourself on your spiritual journey or what kind of green witch you may be, we're confident one or more of these decks will delight you. Each has something unique to offer and we hope you find one that calls to you!

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